Saturday, 31 August 2013

Makeup Look: Tropical Taboo

End of August... *sigh*... I'm not ready for summer to be over!! :(:(

Well, no better way to get out of a poopie mood than to get all dolled up and take your rage out on your face! To bring this lovely summer month to an end, I've put together this look using the products I got from MAC's summer collection - "Topical Taboo". It was a nice reminder that even though the month is coming to an end, we still have 3 weeks+ left of summer - gotta cram all the summer goodness now, while we still can!!

Last month, MAC launched a lovely collection for summer that just makes you feel the heat and life of this season (to read up on what I got from the collection, click here). No better way to remind myself that summer is still here than using items from this sizzling collection! I decided to do a look that would be appropriate for those hot summer nights out.

Here is the step by step instruction for the look, complete with details of the products used. Now, if you don't have these specific colours in your collection, but would like to still try this look, feel free to find substitutions. Not all the products used will be appropriate for everyone, so please keep in mind that this is what I dreamt up of and how I executed the look - feel free to put your twist or flare to it however you like. Lets get started...

First and foremost, I always make sure that my skin is clean and moisturized, so cleansing and then applying a moisturizer is absolutely essential. I also like to apply an eye cream, but that's completely optional, moisturizer is too - but it would be wise to not to skip that part if you can. Once my skin is clean and ready I apply my face primer, Benefit' Cosmetics 'The Porefessional' all over my face - focusing on my t-zone. I also prime my eyes with Urban Decay's 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion'. Primers are essential to make makeup application better and last much longer.

One my face is ready and primed, I will start my foundation routine. I am still using my Dior Airflash Spray Foundation in colour '300', I spray it on my face and blend it out with a wet Beauty Blender (the best!). Since I have finished my MAC 'Gold-Go-Lightly' Studio Careblend Pressed Powder (Surf,Baby! LE), I have been using my MAC 'Flatter Me' Pearlmatte Face Powder to set my foundation and give my skin a healthy glow. After setting my makeup I do a little contouring of the hollows of my cheeks, temples and neck with my MAC 'Nude on Board' Bronzer (Temperature Rising Collection, click here to see my haul). My face is ready, minus concealer and highlight - but that comes later, on to the eyes!

In order to set my eyes and define my whole face I start by filling in my brows using a small angled brush with a dark brown eye shadow. The brush also has a mascara coil on the other end, and I use that to comb out my browns once I have them filled in to appear more natural. I then highlighted my browbone by using a pale peachy-pink colour, this also helps correct any imperfections on the brow shape.

Once the brows are done, I get started with the eye makeup. I like to work my way down from the brow, some artists do the exact opposite and start with the lid. Whatever your preference, this is just the technique that I use. I started by applying eyeshadow to the area above my crease, this defines the brow further and adds depth the the entire eye. The colour I'm using is 'Naked' from the Urban Decay's Naked Palette. Once that is applied and blended out, I applied 'Buck' (also from the Naked Palette)to my crease with a MAC 224 brush, to darken and define it.

For this look, I started by applying MAC 'Spoiled Rich' (Frost) eyeshadow (Archie's Girls LE) to the inner and outer corners of my eyes and under my inner and outer lash line. I used a MAC 224 brush to blend that out and soften. To darken the purple a little more, I added a tiny bit of MAC 'Ron Ron Run' (Satin) eyeshadow (Archie's Girls LE) to the inner V, the inside of the inner lid. And under my outer lash line.

To get the effect on the lid, I applied MAC 'Time to Tango' Mineralize eyeshadow to the center of my lid and blended up to the crease, and I also applied it under the center of my lash line. This shadow had a ton of sparkle, and I love the gold right in the middle. I finished the look off with some mascara (MAC Pro Long Lash In 'Pitchblack'), House of Lashes false lashes in "Dollface" and applied black eyeliner pencil to my waterline to polish off the eye.

Once the eye was done, I was ready for clean up, blush and highlight. To clean up some eyeshadow fallout and to cover imperfections, I used Benefit's 'Bio-Ing' Concealer in Meduim. It's a shade lighter than my skin tone, so it doubles as a highlighter! I then applied blush, for this look I am using MAC 'Prim & Proper' Powder Blush (Liberty of London LE) with my Sigma F15 brush. To really polish off the look I used MAC 'Adored' Mineralize Skinfinish highlighter (Tropical Taboo LE) on my cheekbones, cupid's bow and chin for that airbrushed look!

To finish my face and bring it full circle, I used MAC 'Heroine' Lip Pencil (Tropical Taboo LE) to line and fill my lips and applied MAC 'Narcissus' Cremesheen Glass (Tropical Taboo LE) on top, for a perfect purple pout.

And voila!

There you have it loves, my Tropical Taboo/Summer Nights makeup look. Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments box below and if you will try out this look on yourself! What was your favourite part of the look? How much are you loving your Tropical Taboo pieces?  Don't forget to tag me on your makeup looks #Makeupmasochist on Twitter and Instagram!

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Happy September everyone!


Maven Manicure: My Julep August Box

Hey dolls!

To be honest, I completely forgot about my August Julep Maven Box and posting about it! So today I am going to double blog - I will blog about this and later I am posting a makeup look as I usually do at months end. Hope you guys don't mind and enjoy a double helping of blogposts with a side awesome! ;)

This month Mavens had a lot of great nail polish choices, that come with either a packet of face masks or this great foot product - 'Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick'. This month I chose to get the "Bombshell" box, I really love the light yellow nail polish and I wanted to try the foot treatment stick, thinking that it would help make my pedicures last longer. It's also listed as a fiction stick, and if there's a product out there that keeps blisters away - I want it.

Here's what I got, in detail-

'Bea' Nail Polish - This is a creamy, light, canary yellow with grey undertones. Super sweet colour, great for the spring and summer months. Also a good yellow for nail art designs, if that's your kinda thing. It goes on smooth and is opaque with two coats, no noticeable streaking and the consistency isn't too thick or too thin.

'Lacey' Nail Polish - this is a deep, midnight blue, frosted polish with a blue pearl and blue shimmer. This is a beautiful jewel tone, sexy for special occasions and special nights out. Consistency is a tiny bit thicker than the cream formulas, I'm guessing its due to the frost/shimmer. Goes on opaque with one coat, but evens out with two coats.

'Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick' - this is a peppermint scented, white balm with Shea butter, Chili pepper and vitamin E. This treatment is said to moisturize feet, stimulate circulation and prevent blisters. My initial impression of this product is that it smells great, feels light and moisturizing, and I love the convenient twist up applicator. A full review of this product will be posted in the near future.

Forget Me Knot Seeds - so cute and sweet! Can't wait to plant these! I will take photos and maybe post a DIY! ;)

Since its the end of summer and I won't have another chance to wear this colour than maybe Halloween, I wanted to use Bea for my manicure. I wanted to do something fun and sporty, so I paired it with this baby blue 'Something Blue', that I got last month in my July Maven Box (to read last months Julep Maven post, click here). I decided to do a French manicure with a twist - I wanted the tips to be thinner than your typical French manicure. Here are the steps for this months Maven Manicure.

First, and as always, when I'm getting ready for a manicure, I make sure my hands and nail beds are scrubbed, dried and groomed clean. A clean nail bed will make a manicure last longer, and groomed nails always look better with polish! I also like to apply petroleum jelly around my nail beds to keep polish on the nail bed and make cleaning up much easier.

I chose to use the yellow polish as the base and the blue on the transition nail - my ring finger as per usual.

I applied the first coat...

And a second...

I made sure that I let the coats completely dry before applying the next, and before using any stickers or tape for the French tip. I waited for the two coats to dry completely.

If you have been reading for a while, you know that I like to be resourceful and find things around the house that I could use, instead of buying those French tip stickers at the drugstore. For French manicures, I like to use the stickers from fruit and other produce, because the sticker covers the entire nail bed only leaving the tip. Making it almost fully mess free! I grabbed a few stickers and applied them to my nail beds.

I then applied the first coat of the opposite colour to each nail. I don't wait for the polish on the tip to dry, once I've gone through all my fingers I applied a second coat to the tip.

I make sure to not let the polish on the tip harden or stiffen before taking off the sticker. Taking the sticker off while its still wet will get you that crisp, clean line.

I do wait for the tips of my nails to completely dry before applying the final layer of clear top coat to seal it all in place and smooth everything out.

After applying the top coat, I made sure to let my nails dry for at least half an hour befor doing anything with them. I would hate to smudge and have to start over, so committing to some dry time is important!

And voila!

What do you think? Are you loving or hating this manicure or products you received in your Maven box? I would love to hear your opinion - email me ( or in the comments box below! I would also love to hear your thoughts on what you thought about the Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick and don't forget to check back for my full review of this product very soon!

For more information on Julep and their Maven program, please visit the link below: 

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Can't believe its September already. Until next month Mavens!!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MAC Indulge Collection - Haul & Swatches

Hey beauties!

Fall is coming up fast and summer is slowly coming to an end (ugh!), no better way to bring in a new season than with one of MAC's newest and most gluttonous collections!

What's more indulgent than greedy golds, rich reds and decadent dark jewel tones? MAC's Indulge Collection is as enticing, as it is clever. They want us feed into our most primal urges and instincts, give in to temptation and indulge without fearing any ugly consequences. Looking at, and wearing this collection, you can't help but feel luxurious - and not even care who you offend!

This collection is well thought out with a good ratio of limited edition colours mixed in with a couple re-promoted and permanent colours - making it easy for their consumers to participate in the new collection and incorporate new colours along with some that might already be in ones collection. The rich, dark colours along with the more casual nudes make the collection inviting for all age groups and skin-tones. Even some of the product names make your mouth water, while the colours get your adrenaline pumping! A truly exciting collection for all us makeup (and MAC LE Collection) junkies!

Here's what I got from the collection:

Feed The Senses (Lustre) Lipstick - is a cool toned, creamy pinky nude with a mauve tint. Since its a Lustre, it does have a semi opaque finish, more on the sheer side and was very comfortable to wear. These finishes usually last about 3-4 hours on me without reapplying, and this one lasted just over 3 -and a half hours, but barely noticable for the last half hour. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not settle into liplines and the glossy sheen lasted for the majority of wear-time. I love this colour because of how different it looks on different skintones - some skintones will make this colour look more purple, where others it looks more nude - but beautiful for all!

Just A Bite (Satin) Lipstick - is a cool toned, medium-dark blue-red, with a "wet looking" sheen. Although the sheen did sheer out the colour a bit, the coverage was still mostly opaque with two swipes of colour across the lip. Although most Satin formula lipsticks last about 5-6 hours on me, this one lasted a little less the 5 hours with staining, which I chalk up to the sheen. I find this lipstick has much more sheen than most other Satin formula lipsticks that I have in my collection. It was very comfortable to wear. I love this darker red for fall, feels vampy perfect for all the vixens out there ;)!

Utterly Tart Lipglass - I chose this Lipglass because I do not have a dark, berry red lipgloss without any shimmer or sparkle, and love that this creamy gloss goes perfectly layered on my "Just A Bite" Lipstick!! This is a dark, rich, creamy, berry red with cool undertones and a glossy-wet finish. I usually choose lipstick over lipgloss, but this colour is just too gorgeous to pass up! It was one of the first items from the collection that was a sure-buy for me. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and it made me more excited for this collection and the dark, delicious colours!

Palace Pedigreed (Satin) Eyeshadow - originally, I thought that this was just another purple eyeshadow, very similar to MAC "Sketch" which I have and love, but when a colleague of mine used this to create a look on me, I knew I had to have it! This is a deep, dark purple/plum colour, with intense red undertones and a very (very!) subtle sheen. This colour is build-able to opaque, but might need a little more time to blend. This is one of the repromoted colours of the collection; it was released back in 2010 with their "Fabulous Felines" collection, but from what I have heard and read, it's much better than its predecessor. I love this colour for fall (and not just for eyes!)! ;)

Eat, Love (Satin) Eyeshadow - is a green tinted black with brown/neutral undertones, emerald green sparkle-shimmer and a very subtle satin sheen. I suspect that the reason I really loved this colour and Palace Pedigreed, is because they do look a little more Matte on the lid. I tend to gear towards Matte everything, but I do love the sparkle in this shadow. So pretty and perfect for fall! I do love that they're bringing one of the years best colours (if not the colour of the year) into fall, for those of us that have loved the emerald trend this spring.

 L-R: Feed The Senses, Blooming Lovely, Lavender Whip and Peachstock

 L-R: Just A Bite, Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Ronnie Red

L-R Palace Pedigreed and Eat, Love

That sums up what I got from this collection... For now... I would have picked up more pieces, but I was trying to stick to a budget. And to be honest, I've haven't been able to stop thinking about a few other products I left behind. It will be the ultimate test of my will next time I go into MAC, and I'm not sure if I'll make it out empty handed (the Creme Blushes are Gorgeous!!). There might be a part 2 to this haul, stay tuned!

All in all, MAC delivered a tastefully sinful collection that stimulates all the senses! The wide range and variety of colours is sure to please the masses, and when combined, they make a feast for the eyes. Sensual nudes, golds and pearls matched with the dark, sexy jewel tones, MAC couldn't have picked a better name for this collection - Indulge. Don't mind if I do! ;)

I love fall and this collection, but I would like to know your thoughts about this collection in the comments box below! Did you pick up any pieces, and how much are you loving them? I hope that this post was helpful in helping you decide, but its just my pics and opinion, I would love to hear yours! Don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter with #Makeupmasochist so I can see your collection hauls ;).

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The end?? ;)