Tuesday, 12 November 2013

We Will Miss You Sue

This is going to be a hard one. I've been purposely procrastinating doing this or even leaving my condolences because I have been having a hard time mustering up the strength to do so. I will be writing this with a heavy heart, but it's the least I could do to pay tribute to a special girl that brought so much joy to myself and so many others on a daily basis.

Sue was the beloved fur-baby of friend and fellow pug nut, Trisha (@trisherpie on Instagram), and I have known and followed for over a year now. To be honest, I initially loved Trisha and her account because of Sue bear. I couldn't resist that face and fell in love instantly. Over the course of our friendship, I've gotten to know Trisha and her pug family and have been attached to them all. Besides Trisha being awesome and one tough cookie, I've always admired her for her crazy love for her pugs and others. She often leaves messages for me and others in our wonderful pug community on Instagram and it wouldn't be the same without her.

I am always so grateful for how much Trisha shares with us, especially when she shares her precious pugs and their adventures. Piggy sue was the eldest, followed by twin trouble Rudy and Penny and a Pomeranian somewhere in the mix too. I always look forward to seeing them everyday, especially photos of Sue and I am so thankful that she understood how much and how often we needed to see Sue in her last weeks. Trisha did a beautiful job of making and sharing special memories, showing us a happy and very loved Sue bear.

Sue was incredibly loved and happy all the way to her last moments, you could tell how much she loved her Momma and her family. She looked like she had an amazing life and she was blessed to have a mom and family who would do (and did) anything for her. I also truly believe that Sue was a blessing in Trisha's life and their bond was a very special one. Sue was a very special girl and lived the life any dog would be very lucky to have.

I just want to pay my condolences and hope that Trisha and anyone who knew Sue, know how truly sorry I am. My heart has broken for you, I can only imagine how hard this must have been and how difficult it must be to remain strong and positive. I just hope that you take solace in knowing that although Sue is know longer with us, she lives on in so many of our hearts all around the world. We, the Pug Nation of the World, all shared an immense love together for your little piggy Sue. We can't thank you enough for sharing her with us, but more importantly - doing such an amazing and beautiful job of preparing us to say goodbye to Sue. It was perfect and I'm sure Sue wouldn't have wanted it any different. We could always tell she was proud to have you as her mom, as I'm sure she still is now. We are grieving with you and send you lots of prayers during this hard time.

We love you little Sue bear. We will miss you dearly.

R.I.P. Piggy Sue 10th May 1998 - 10th November 2013

She will always be loved, never be forgotten.

Ashley, Babii, Tuna and Maggie