Monday, 13 January 2014

I'm Back! Happy New Year!!

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!

I am feeling much better after my little hiatus I took and feeling really good about the year ahead. I needed to take some time off to focus on work and Christmas and all the craziness that comes along with that. It was hard for me to make the time needed to produce well thought out blogs for you guys and I figured it would be best to take a break to avoid putting out half a$$ed posts. You guys deserve better than that!

On a positive note, during this time off I had the opportunity to accumlate a lot of material for the blog, so not only am I back - but I'm back with an arsenal. There will be some changes in the blog, you might not see some series that I had produced every month, but this is only because I want to introduce a lot more (better!) content that I think would be best to make this a well rounded blog. A little something here and there to keep things fresh and everyone on the spectrum happy ! :)

Here's a photo recap of the past couple months up until today, from my Instagram (@fernonje) to keep you up to date with some moments from the holiday season. I kept active on my Instagram, don't forget to follow and tag all things beauty to #makeupmasochist !

As always, My feed is flooded with photos of my pugs, Babii and Tuna. No better way to start my little summary. Here's Babii trying to catch the last of the sun before the snow and Old Man Winter rolled in and her as a tiny pup for #throwbackthrusdsay. Isn't she the cutest ever!!?!? The cutest!!

 We lost two very sweet and very much loved pugs from our pug family on Instagram. We lost our beloved Sue and Oreo. They will forever be loved and missed. RIP Puggie friends, until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Babii catching up on her beauty sleep, and Tuna looking all cute and stuff (as usual!).

 We celebrated Babii's 8th Birthday in September, can't believe my baby is 8 already!! Time is going by too fast. My pugs bring me the greatest joy and are my best friends. I love them more than anything, and am blessed to be their Mama. I couldn't be luckier to have a couple of the best pugs anyone could ask for! Hope this year is the best yet for my Babii!

 Here are a couple photos of my girls with some nice Christmas cards and gifts that we received from our IG pug family around the world! We were so happy and are so lucky to have friends all over - from the States to Japan to Brazil... and we love you all!! Hope that 2014 brings so many blessings to you all!

Here's Maggie and Babii showing us all the proper way to relax for 2014. Ready, go!

We were so happy to meet out pug friend Bijou's (@bijou9) mom when she visited Toronto over the holiday season! We just wished we had more time and better weather to plan more to do! When she returns to Toronto in the summer like planned, we are going to show her the best time! Love that Instagram brings new friends into your life, and brings people together! We cherish our friendship!!

Here's our two trees (yes I got a second one this year!). So happy with both of our trees! Our original tree is the one on the right, its decorated with red and gold ornaments and this year we added this cute starbucks ornament to it. It's soooo cute!! Our new tree is placed in the family room in the front of the house and I decorated it with white and silver ornaments and an Angel on top this time instead of a star. Lovee them, I was so sad to take them down!

I had used some of my free time to cook a lot more and work on some of my recipes. I had also made bread with my grandma again. I love being able to do things with my grams, and she loves that I can pass down her recipe of making bread and keep the tradition going. I truely cherish these special moments I spend with her. I also mastered (and maybe even improved) my 'Pasta Carbonara' recipe (to see my original post of this recipe, click here) by adding halved grape tomatoes, spinach and black olives. I think it was my best batch yet!

Here are some makeup posts and MAC moments with friends over the holiday season. We had 3 great collections lauch during December, first pic is me and my friend wearing "RiRi Woo' Lipstick from the 'Rihanna <3's MAC Holiday Collection; one of my 'Punk Couture' Collection inspired looks (A post for this collection and this look will be posted this month); and one of my 'Magnetic Nudes' Collection inspired looks (I have been loving this collection and will post swatches and this look this month). Can't wait for the spring collections to launch, I'm already so excited!!

And the best, I've saved for last. Here is my new baby nephew looking like the cutest baby that ever lived. I love that I have these photos on my feed, because I use them as a little pick me up with I'm feeling down. How can that not put the biggest smile on your face? Loved spending time with this special little guy!

Well there you have it loves! A little recap of my life in the past two months. Obvi, there was a lot more going on, like work and Christmas shopping - but I didn't think that would make for good blogging ;). Don't forget to leave me comments in the box below and subscribe to my blog by typing in your email to the box on the top right corner of the page! Follow my blog on Bloglovin' (icon at the top of the page) and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and post your looks with #makeupmasochist for me to like and comment!

Have a great 2014 everyone, I have a good feeling about this year!


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