Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nails of the Week - First Manicure of 2014!

Happy Friday-eve Lovies!

What better way to get through the 'mid-week blues' than a fun, fresh manicure? This is long overdue, my digits needed the TLC. I love having a fresh manicure to start the year, sounds so girly but I can't help it! I am the biggest girly girl, and proud of it!

Now my little nailistas - I decided to change the shape of my nails as well. Figured that there wouldn't be a better time to change things up a bit than in the New Year! I decided I wanted to try a more natural, oval nail shape. You have to let me know what you think of this new nail shape in the comments box below - let me know if its a keeper or if I should go back to my more squared nail shape.

I wanted to do a nice wintery-white manicure. I am inspired by the colour white and the snow and all the beautiful colours that reflects off of freshly fallen snow and snowflakes. That's my inspiration for this weeks manicure. I feel like this would be how the 'Ice Queen' would have her nails done. She too was inspiration for this nailart, but in a more likeable and cozy version, hehe!

Let's get started:

First I always make sure to scrub and wash my hands and nailbeds after grooming them and before applying my nail polish. I manicured my cuticles and filed my nails to the desired shape, then washed and exfoliated my hands. Once my hands were dried, I applied Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) on the skin around the nail bed to keep polish where it's supposed to be and makes cleaning easy later.

The colours I am using today are: Nail's Inc Pearly White Laquer (not sure of the shade colour or name, I got this as a gift in a 'Nail's Inc.' set.), Julep "Joelle" Nail Polish (glitter coat) and some nail jewel decals that I got at my local Beauty Supply. Of course if you want to recreate this nailart, you can use any combination of colours or colour substitutions.

I apply my first coat of the Pearl White colour:

Then a second coat...

And a third...

In between and after each coat, I let the polish throughly dry. Once my base colour was completely dry, I then applied 1 coat of the glitter coat. I let all the polish dry for about a good ten minutes to make sure everything was set and perfect before applying the jewel decals.

I didn't particularly put the jewels in any type of pattern, I just chose 2 nails on each hand and put 1 jewel on each. I used 'Nail's Inc' Nail glue to glue on the jewels and placed them carefully with a tweezer on the nail bed.

Once the jewel decals were securely on, I applied a final layer of top coat to seal everything in and give it a good shine.

And Voila!

I love, love, LOVE this manicure!! Quite a way to start off this year of beauty ahead! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, it was exactly what I wanted it to be! What do you think of this manicure? Is it 'Winter Wonderland' enough for you!? Hey we have 6 more weeks of winter - if you can't beat em, join em! Make sure you let me know what you think of this manicure and what you would do (or not do) differently for your Wintery Manicure!

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To a beauty filled year ahead!


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