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Maven Manicure: My Julep July Box

Hello lovelies!!

It's that time of month again! No, I'm not talking Mensies, I'm talking about that special day when a pretty little black box lands on my doorstep - my Maven box! I can't help it, I get so excited when I see that it has finally arrived! Even though I know its coming and I know what's inside, I still can't help that "Christmas Morning" feeling when I see it and tear into it like a shrieking school girl.

They had a lot of great options this month for mavens, tons of summer perfect colour combinations and Hair or Body Care products to try, it was very hard to choose one. After much deliberation, I (finally) choose to have the "Classic with a Twist" style box, as the colours are both creams ( I will almost always choose a solid cream colour over a shimmery or pearl polish) and it comes with this "Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil".

It was really hard for me to choose because there were other style types to choose from and some came with this "Sea Salt Texture Spray" for hair that I really wanted to try, and made deciding extra difficult. I had thought it over long and hard, and finally decided on the Beah Tonic over the Sea Salt Spray. I've always had to use moisturizers or body lotions daily, but it's so time consuming!! I do admit that I skip days because I just don't have the time or can't be bothered, but I pay for it later. The Beach Tonic won as I thought it would be a much more convenient and quicker way to get moisturized. Hopefully they will offer the Sea Salt Spray with next months maven styles. Fingers crossed!

Ok, so, for those of you who don't know what I'm typing about - Julep is a cosmetics company that had gained a lot of recognition for their nail varnishes, but also offer a wide range of other beauty products. When you register on their website and subscribe to their monthly maven program, they send you a box of goodies (worth $40 or more) every month based on the style type you are. In order to figure out your style type they will have you take a little quiz to determine what colours and products they think you will enjoy from their collections. You also get a lot of other perks, like free gifts, secret sales and exclusive offers on products at over 70% off. With this program you also collect "Maven Rewards" with every purchase that you can use like money to get a product that you've had your eye on ;). It's a great program to try products and colours for a great price, I will leave links on the bottom of this post for more information.

This month the "Classic with a Twist"  box included two nail varnishes "Cassie" (a pastel coral) & "Alaina" (a light taupe or "graige" like my cousin Christine would say) and 104ml bottle of the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil (which smells AH-MAZ-ZING!). When I was at checkout, they offered this robin egg blue varnish and I couldn't say no!  My free gift this month is a packet of 40 Green Tea Blotting Papers, they smell good too and are prefect for my purse. I love everything, needless to say. Such a pretty package, how can I not get excited for this every month?!

I decided to just do a simple manicure this time with the pastel coral and taupe colours something mostly neutral with a little pop of a cute summer colour. I could already tell before painting that the taupe colour is going to play tricks on me, it looks different at different times and with different light and probably different skin tones.

I got my nails prepped, removed old polish and debris and filed them to my liking. It's important to make sure the nailbeds are clean for the longevity of your manicure. I also like to put petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the skin around my nail beds for easy clean up later.

I painted one coat of each colour...

And a second...

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I only needed two coats of the taupe and it left no streaks at all! The pastel coral is a little more sheer, so it needed another coat to make it opaque. It was still the tiniest bit streaky, even with three coats.

And voila!

Cute and easy colour combination for summer! The coral pastel colour is such a great summer colour and the lightness of the taupe nicely accents the brightness of the coral. You an really combine both of these colours with any other summer colour - mint green, baby yellow and robin egg blue or white.  I am going to do a DIY manicure with the combination of the three colours I got, I love them all together!

For more information on Julep products or their maven program, please click the link below this paragraph. For new mavens, you can get your first box free with code "FREEMAVEN" at check out!
Why not try it out?

There's this months instalment of Julep joy, hope you liked what I got and the manicure inspired you to try it this summer. Are you a Julep Maven? I would love to hear your experiences with their products in the comments box below!

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Until next month! Eeek! I'm so excited already!!


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