Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Happy Birthday Tuna!

Wow, can't believe how fast time does fly! It felt like we rescued you 2 weeks ago, not 2 years ago!

Although we are not too sure as to how old you are exactly or what day is your actual birthday, today we are celebrating your 7th birthday! In the short amount of time that we have known you, you have filled our hearts with so much love and its hard to believe there was life before you were in the picture! Your my crazy little monkey - jumping from spot to spot, going down slides and jumping in lakes with the big dogs! You are such a happy girl and remind us everyday to be happy too (which isn't hard having such a great pugs)!

Tuna's story wasn't always such a happy one, her life not always this easy. Tuna is a puppy mill survivor. She was kept in a cage all of her life with countless other dogs, just to have litter after litter of puppies. When we rescued her, her belly was still saggy and her nipples large from just having her last litter. I can't even fathom how anyone can hurt and abuse animals like that, let alone my little Tuna. We rescued Tuna with one blind eye, missing teeth from decay and a healing "hot spot". Considering where she came from, I think we are lucky that she's all in one piece!

Tuna came from a puppy mill in Quebec, Canada so she was recused by a Pug Rescue Organization in Ottawa. We had to travel 4 hours each way to go and get her, and we weren't even sure if she would fit in or get along with our other pug, Babii. But we took the chance, drove all the way to Ottawa where Tuna was being fostered to go and bring her home to Toronto. We are lucky, Tuna felt like a missing piece of our puzzle.

It was love at first walk with these two and they had plenty of time to bond on the 4 hour drive home!   During the ride back we heard on the radio about the annual Dog festival held here in Toronto "WoofStock", and decided that we would go the next day as a family to celebrate Tuna's new birthday and home. Since then its been a tradition for us to go every year for her birthday, and this year was no exception! We usually walk around, see the vendors, get free stuff, meet new friends and have lunch at "Le Papillion" French Restaurant on Front- as per tradition. Here are some photos from this years festival:

Although we celebrated on Sunday, Tunas birthday falls on Tuesday (June 11th) this year and we still wanted to celebrate a little on her actual day. We took the pugs for a nice long walk and to thier favourite pond to relax and feed the ducks! When we came home we sang her happy birthday and had some treats before cozing up together to watch Tunas favourite movie "Frankenweenie". Here are some pictures of us at the park and Tuna blowing out her candles!

Tuna, we hope you had a great day and I hope that all of you out there feel like you were here with us celebrating! Send Tuna your birthday wishes in the comments box below or follow her (and me!) on Instagram (@fernonje). If you would like to send Tuna an Ecard, please send it to makeupmasochist@gmail.com . Tuna sends you all stinky kisses and thanks you for helping her celebrate her birthday and life!

To see how you can adopt a rescue pug from the same organization as Tuna, please visit :


Please remember that there are tons of amazing animals out there ready to be your new best friend at your local shelters. It might not mean the world to rescue an animal, but it might mean the world to the animal that you rescue!

Pug Hugs!


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