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MAC All About Orange - Haul & Swatches

Hey Love katz!

I didn't get a chance to post this up before the craziness of the weekend, but here it is - Late, but still fabulous!

When I first heard about this collection, I didn't think it was for me. Orange has always been a little scary and an intimidating colour for me - I found it hard to pull off without the right skin tone and previous experiences with orange haven't worked in my favour. I've always liked the colour orange, in clothing and especially for summer, but I thought it would be far fetched of me to think that I would be able to pull off any of these collection pieces.

Once I started seeing more swatches and pictures of the collection and seeing all the lovely corals, pinks and creamy oranges, I became more open minded about it. I just had to give it a chance, after all most of the lipsticks are Lusture formula and I was interested in a Cremesheen and Satin formula lipsticks-all my favourite formulas! I gave it the benefit of the doubt and waited for the collection to come out in stores to swatch them against my skin before becoming completely defeated by this colour.

And I'm glad I did!

I headed over to my local mall on launch day with an open mind and intention to buy. I had a few colours in mind already and was even excited to see them! After swatching and deciding, deciding and swatching, here is what I picked up from the collection:

Razzledazzler Lipstick (Lustre) - it's a pink tinted, light-medium warm coral/Peach with a glossy sheen. It's a sheer sheen, but easily buildable to an opaque colour. Since its a Lusture, the longevity of the lipstick is about 2-3 hours, reapplication would most likely be necessary. It's a beautiful colour to wear on its own, but would be paired nicely layered over colours of the same family. A collection favourite for me!

Flamingo Lipstick (Lustre) - it's a light pink, creamy coral with warm undertones and glossy finish. Buildable colour to a semi opaque, still a bit translucent. Colour payoff is lighter on the lips than the tube, the sheer finish makes it feel light - no heavy dragging. Flamingo lasted me 3 hours before I had to reapply. I absolutely love this colour for summer, but I do wish that there was more colour payoff to showcase the true pink pigment in the lipstick. I love this bright floral pink- its my favourite summer pink for this year!

Sushi Kiss Lipstick (Satin) - it's a mid-toned peachy orange with warm undertones and very subtle sheen finish. It felt rich and creamy on the lips with no dragging and deep pigmentation. Since it is a Satin, it lasted all day with no reapplication but took a toll on my lips- they felt very dry after removing the lipstick and the next morning. I love this colour and I was shy to buy it at first. But when I tried it on and saw how nice it looked with my tan, I knew that this will be a summer favourite! This colour just seems so summer to me! I use a clear gloss on top to lighten it up a bit for my day look!

Sweet & Sour Lipstick (Cremesheen) - it's a light, milky, pink tinted peach with a sheen finish. Rich, opaque colour payoff, full coverage with a couple layers. I didn't find that it dragged too much on my lips and I was surprised it lasted 4 1/2 hours, as both are uncommon with Cremesheens. As it is a little heavier, I would wear this on its own or with gloss over top, most likely not layered over other colours. It does gather in areas, best to apply it than use a lip brush for consistency. I love this nude, creamy peach and would rock this colour with a smokey eye or a bronzed, dewy face!

Swatches From Left - Right : Sushi Kiss, Razzledazzler, Flamingo, Sweet n' Sour

Ke Ai Nail Laquer (Frost) -  it's a soft, light pale pink with a silver shimmer frost finish. This forumula reminded me of "Hanging Loose" (Surf, Baby! Collection) and the shimmer is very subtle on the nail beds and not as noticeable as the Laquer shows in the bottle. I found that with this formula, 3 coats is necessary for an opaque finish and stayed shimmery which was unexpected. Applied smoothly with little brush stokes, no streaks. I find this be a very dainty and feminine colour, and looks great with all skin tones.

Considering that I thought I would leave the store empty handed, I think I did pretty well! When I had swatched the colours against my tanned skin and saw how vibrant they were I knew I had to have them and they would be perfect for summer. I initially thought that they wouldn't look so orange-y, or bright on me but I was happily mistaken! Just goes to show that you need to try everything on before you can rule out what does or doesn't look good on you.  Lesson definitely learned.

I decided to not get any blushes from this collection (even though they were absolutely gorgeous!), because I am still completely in love with my "Ripe for Love" blush from the "Temperature Rising" collection. Still gaga over it. I also decided to skip the Cremesheen Lipglasses, not because I didn't love the colours - (because I did) but because I think I grabbed enough lip products for one transaction! And alas, I did not pick up "Neon Orange", "Tangerine Dream" and "Tart & Trendy" as they either did not look good, were sold out or were too intimadating. ;)

I am pleasantly surprised with how much I ended up buying and how much I enjoyed this collection. I find it very heartening for MAC to put together a collection for a colour that is often forgotten in makeup. I hope that it changes people's minds about this colour to a positive, like it did for me. I think its a very considerate collection, there are colours that will work with every skintone, for all to enjoy this whimsical colour! These are just the colours I picked up, get your favourite pieces from this collection at your nearest MAC counter and let me know what you picked up and why in the comment box below! I would love to hear what you thought of this collection!

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A couple more weeks until the launch of the Riri <3's MAC, until then my loves!


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