Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Bucket List!

Hello lovelies!

As the official beginning of summer is tomorrow, I've been inclined to make a list of things to do this summer and stick to it! It's so easy to get lazy in the summer heat and distracted with common day to day activities and before you know it- summer is over! This bucket list is my attempt to set goals for this summer, to make sure I get the most out of it!

I've decided to not set myself for failure and choose 8 things to put on my list. (10 seemed too intimidating and 5 not quite enough, so 8 it is!) I chose 8, but if you think you can do more or less than set your own number of goals for your list. Remember not to be too far fetched and make reasonable goals as to not get discouraged along the way for not completing one or focusing all your energy on only one item of your list.

I want to make sure that I've made a well rounded list and not have too many items that would fit under the same category (ie. not all are healthy eating goals, etc).

Here is my list (and I'm sticking to it, so help me God!):

1. Eat more fruit (especially seasonal fruit) - I am not a fruit eater. I can go for days without picking up a fruit, and not even think twice about it. I want to challenge myself to eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day, (Trust me, it's way more than I usually eat) either on its own, in a salad or smoothie. (Garnishing cocktails with fruit would be a yummy and easy way to get my daily intake!)

2. Take at least one weekend to get out of the city - I want to do this more than once this summer, but if I only go once, at least my goal is reached. Any more weekend getaways would be a bonus. I want to try to go camping or just up north and turn off all my connections, so I can really relax and enjoy myself and the scenery.

3. Go through my personal library and read 3 books - I have a huge library of books and I have yet to read them all. Instead of going out and purchasing the latest best sellers, I will make it a point to read at least 3 books that I have yet to crack open. (I will be posting my summer book reads along with other recommendations in a future blog post!)

4. Do more outdoor activities - I already spend a lot of time outside these days, either gardening or walking my pugs. But I want to make a point of doing more activities outdoors, like rollerblading, swimming, hiking or bike riding. Not because I want to lose weight (it would be an added bonus), but just so that I can enjoy the weather and activities. Once winter is here I will be wishing that I could strap on my roller-blades, this way I will utilise the nice weather while its here!

5. Discover and explore an unfamiliar part of the city - Toronto is a MASSIVE metropolis, with so much to discover and enjoy! We are always in Bloor West Village because we are so close and we go to the downtown core pretty often. There is so much of the city that if I were to go I would flit in with the tourists. I am not familiar with the east end of Toronto at all, so maybe I'll put in more effort to get to know the Beaches or maybe the Danforth (it's the Greek part of the city and we all know how much I love Tzaziki!)

6. Make new friends - Summer is a great time (in my opinion) to get out there and meet lots of new people. In the winter everyone likes to stay cooped up, but in the summer everyone is out and about. The vitamin D intake I find helps everyone be more positive and open to making new friends and relationships. Look out new BFF, I'm coming to find you!

7. Master one summer cocktail - I want to find a recipe for a summer type of cocktail and master it so I can serve it at BBQ's. something that I could incorporate some fruit into, so I can cross off this goal and maybe goal #1! 2 for 1 goal! I want to find something maybe frozen, or citrus-y, because that's what makes a great summer cocktail!

8. Do at least one DIY project - Again, I don't want to overwhelm myself with too many things on my plate, so I'm limiting myself to at least 1 DIY project. I would really like to do something cute and funky for my home, but if I happen to do a different type of DIY project, that's ok too!

Well there you have it lovelies, my summer bucket list. I will keep you all posted as to how I'm doing and I hope this inspires you to make your own list. If you have a summer bucket list, please let me know in the comments box below! I would love to read about what you're up to this summer!

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Now get out there and enjoy your summer!!


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