Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Maven Manicure: My Julep June Box

Hello dolls!

I've recently been turned in the direction of Julep Nail Polishes and their "Julep Maven" monthly program, that sends you product every month depending on your style.

I'm a total newbie to the program and to Julep all together, never having tried their products. I've always wanted to, just never got around to purchasing a bottle. One day, while reading my daily blogs as part of my morning routine, I stumbled upon an ad claiming that I would get my first box free. Figured it was worth a shot to at least look into!

When I went to the website, they did a mini test on me to see what my personal style was like. This is what they use to determine what type of "Maven" you are and your subscription type. I did the test twice, just to make sure that it correctly calculated my style and I ended up with "Boho Glam". (I was torn between this and "It Girl"). So I subscribed, entered all my information and waited for my first box to arrive.

Shipping took about 2 weeks, as expected from the States, and when I saw the cute little black box, I got super excited! I got excited for 2 reasons- 1) That I finally get to try Julep Polishes, and 2) I can finally do my nails, as I had let them go for 2 weeks waiting for this little black box!

So cute and super generous, they sent me a bonus gift of a nail file and nail polish remover pads to try. I used both the polish remover pad (amazing & quick!) and the nail file worked really well and filed perfectly! They wrapped it all very nicely and girly, making me feel really special!

Feeling like a jewel, I decided to do a jeweled theme manicure. I absolutely love this glitter polish! It comes with silver, gold and pale pink glitter that is super reflective and pretty! I wanted to pair it with a solid cream colour, so I chose this dark cobalt as the base.

I started off as per usual - clean, filed down nails and I put petroleum jelly around the nail beds for fast and easy clean up. I decided that I would use the base colour on all my nail beds, except my ring finger which I will only be putting on the glitter polish.

I painted my first coat of the blue...

And a second coat...

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out that I only needed 2 coats and not my usual 3. This polish is super opaque with absolutely no streaking what-so-ever!! Who boo! Finally a polish that I don't have to layer on 3 coats and leaves no streaks at all! Winning!!!

Once my base coats were dry, I started on bejeweling my nails with the glitter polish. I started by first putting on a layer of glitter polish on my ring fingers before applying it to the tips of my nails. I only had to use one coat on my nail tips (applies a lot of sparkle with just one coat!), but I did use three coats in my ring fingers - just to get all that sparkle on. Considering there were 3 coats of the glitter polish, it didn't look thick or goopy, which I really liked!

After the last coat of glitter polish, I let it all dry for at least 10 minutes before sealing it with a clear top coat. This way I didn't have to worry about the glitter getting all muddled into the base coat. After waiting about a half hour for it to completely dry, I was done! (Another great thing about this lacquer is that it drys super fast, I didn't have to wait that long for it to try, I just took it as extra precaution.) I was really happy that I can get on with my day so quickly after painting my nails!

And voila!

 With Flash                                                                                     No Flash

I love glitter accent nails, do you?


With Flash                                                                                              No Flash

Are you a Juelp Maven, or would like to be one? Please click on the link below to get yourself subscribed to this amazing company and to get your Julep Maven Box! Mavens get 20% off orders and free shipping! Can you say deal? ;)
My Unique Invitation Code is: 17745112 (enter this code when you get on the site!)

Use code "FREEBOX" at checkout  to get your first maven box absolutely free (plus S&H)! You can also find their ads on the side bar and below my blog posts!

If you would like to purchase the colours I used in my manicure, please visit the link below. The nail colours I used today are called "Millie" & " Paris" (LOVING!). 

If you love this manicure or the polishes, be sure to share the love in the comments box below!! Thinking about doing an Ombre tutorial next, what do you think?

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Can't wait till next months delivery and manicure!


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