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May Favourites!

I can't believe it's June already! Wasn't it April just last week? Geez, time does fly!

It's that time again, the beginning of a new month and I want to share what I loved and got the most use out of in the month of May. May was a fantastic month for beauty, sun starts to shine and skin gets bronzed, MAC released a great summer collection and of course warm weather means bright colours!

In terms of my skincare favourites, I haven't changed my routine much since my last "favourites" post, so I won't be writing too much about any skincare items. I'll be writing more about the makeup I used and what tools I used most for my make up looks. I have just recently started a new night routine with skincare that I will be posting for my June favourites, so stay tuned!

Lets start with the tools I've given the most love to and have used for most of my makeup looks. As mentioned in previous posts, I have recently bought and have been using the Beauty Blender. I've mostly been using this tool on myself until I master it and buy some more to use on clients. I Absolutely LOVE this little pink sponge! I didn't think there was anything better out there than my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki to apply foundation, but now I found something just as good (maybe better!). The greatest thing about the Beauty Blender is that it's a no brainer- everyone can use this to apply makeup, and not have to worry about applying it wrong! It applies product while blending it out, all at the same time! Making foundation appliction super quick and simple! I love this and will be posting a full review in the near future, so make sure to check back soon for it!

I've talked about my new Sigma Beauty brushes that I received for my birthday in previous posts, but I've decided to talk about my favourite brushes from the sets that I have been using lately. I absolutely love the whole kit and my clients have been loving it too! All the brushes are super soft and apply make up beautifully. These are just a few that I have been loving.

First, from the Precision Kit - P88, Flat Angled Brush. This brush was the reason I wanted this kit in the first place, I was eyeing it for a long time and always thought that it would be the perfect brush for concealing dark under eye circles. It lived up to the hope I had for it and more! The reason I think this brush is so perfect for concealer is because of how dense it is (it can hold and apply a lot of product) and the flat top slant (easy and precise application). It has easily become my favourite brush to use for concealer and highlighting!

Now from my "Essential Kit", the brushes I have been loving are E40 (Tapered Blending Brush) & E30 (Pencil Brush). I love big, fluffy blending brushes for eyeshadow and I'm always looking for fluffier and fluffier! This one is definitely the fluffiest I have now. I have been using E25 (Blending Brush) and have been happy with it, but after using the E40 I was hooked! I love that it picks up a lot of product and just applies so smoothly and evenly with few strokes. I have a lot of blending brushes and this one certainly sets the bar. This is the "Essential Brush" from the "Essential Kit"!

I absolutely love to use the E30 Pencil Brush for all my eye looks, especially the detailed ones. This is the perfect brush for the outer V (outer corner), its small and thin enough to really define the V and the bristles let minimal product fall. It's ideal to keep the surface under your eye clean and still be able to define the eye with darker colours. And I love that its so versatile! You can use it for eyeliner, concealer, brows, anything that needs some definition- it's great for all! You can find your favourite use for it, but I love it for the outer V and highlighting brows!

I love having a fresh manicure, and I try to take the time to do my nails at least once every 1-2 weeks. Now that the good weather is here I can bust out my bright colours for my fingers and toes! These are the nail colours that I loved and rocked in May.

Hello Kitty - "Blueberry" and "Pink Sprinkles"

OPI - "It's a Girl!"

MAC - "Vestral White, Hanging Loose, Ocean Dip and Pistachio Cream"

Now that my skin has gotten some colour from the beautiful weather and gardening almost everyday, I love to wear brighter colours and nudes to compliment my darker skin tone. I always find that bright bold colours stand out more and nude colours don't wash you out and actually accentuate your tan.  Here are some brights that I've loved this month.

MAC "Hibiscus" Cremesheen Lipstick, from their "Surf, Baby!" Collection. I wore this out a few times this month, including my good friends birthday and a family dinner.

MAC "Ronnie Red" Matte Lipstick, from their "Archie's Girls" Collection. I wore this to an interview and I think it helped me land a second interview! ;)

MAC "Bust Out" Lustre Lipstick, from their "Surf, Baby!" Collection. I wore this for "National Lupus Awareness Day" in honour of one of my favourite IGers @palafoxxia, I also wore it that night to a Prostate Cancer bowling Fundraiser.

No monthly  beauty recap would be complete without writting about at least 1 MAC collection. MAC needs to take it easy with releasing collections so close together, it's so hard to keep up financially- thank goodness I had gift cards from my birthday! I got a few pieces from their "Temperature Rising" Collection, a perfect collection for summer! Read about my haul in detail here. I am so in love with the sexy bronze packaging, but the colour selection for summer is irresistible! My favourite items from the collection that I used most in May are:

"Altered Beige" Lustre Lipstick

"Ripe for Love" Powder Blush (amazing colour for summer, I am in L<3VE with this blush!)

There was so much to love in this collection, I wish I could have gotten it all! I am very happy with the pieces I did get and so in love with colours! Still available at MAC stores, although I'm pretty sure most of everything is sold out online. :(

Well there you have it dolls, those are my favourite things for my favourite month of the year! Hope you enjoyed and found this helpful, and don't forget to check back for more detailed reviews on some of the products I mentioned, in the very near future! I would love to hear and see your favourites for May, leave me your comments in the box below and tag me on Instagram/Twitter #makeupmasochist !

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Until next month lovies!


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