Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fam Jam: Centreville Toronto August 2013

Hi guys!

One of the reasons I wanted to start up a blog is so that I could document happy moments and memories, since I am terrible at getting photos developed and even further - putting together photo albums. This way I can share a special part of my life with my readers!

Last Friday, my family and I went to one of Toronto's most beloved amusement parks - Centreville located on one of the Toronto Islands in Lake Ontario. As a kid we would come every summer, sometimes twice and I always cherished those memories most. It was nice to return with 3 generations of family and enjoying a day of ferry rides, sunshine and attractions together. Here are the photos I took and collected that day, with captions! :)

Sisters, cousins or a bunch of clowns? ;)

Me taking a photo with all the nice flowers

JP and his mama Shana running around gathering sticks

First ride of the day for Micheal and Matteo!

Getting dizzy on the teacups!

John-Paul and Shana on the Carousel
Joey having the time of her life riding a cat!

Pretty scenery and horizon

The boys having some fun on the train!

All aboard!

Get ready....
Hands Up!!

Me and my favourite... a cow! I named her Tinkerbell ;)

Petting farm time!

Pony Ride!
Yippie Kye-yaye!

Don't rock the boat, baby!

Thought this was funny...

"They see me rollin', they hatin'..."
Beep, Beep!

Town Hall

Ice Cream Break!

He thought he was getting chocolate! ;)

Duck... Duck... GOOSE!

Matteo and his Papa on the Carousel

Micheal loving the Carousel, especially because his horse went up and down!

My beautiful city!

Group Hug!

"The Boys! The Boys!!"

All tuckered out in his Godmother's arms after a fun-filled day!

It's was a day, truely enjoyed by all! I loved spending time with family and revisiting (and re-living!) happy memories of my childhood! For more information on Centreville and other Toronto amusement parks and attractions, please visit the links below.




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Hope you enjoyed the photos like I enjoyed the day :)


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