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Maven Manicure: My Julep August Box

Hey dolls!

To be honest, I completely forgot about my August Julep Maven Box and posting about it! So today I am going to double blog - I will blog about this and later I am posting a makeup look as I usually do at months end. Hope you guys don't mind and enjoy a double helping of blogposts with a side awesome! ;)

This month Mavens had a lot of great nail polish choices, that come with either a packet of face masks or this great foot product - 'Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick'. This month I chose to get the "Bombshell" box, I really love the light yellow nail polish and I wanted to try the foot treatment stick, thinking that it would help make my pedicures last longer. It's also listed as a fiction stick, and if there's a product out there that keeps blisters away - I want it.

Here's what I got, in detail-

'Bea' Nail Polish - This is a creamy, light, canary yellow with grey undertones. Super sweet colour, great for the spring and summer months. Also a good yellow for nail art designs, if that's your kinda thing. It goes on smooth and is opaque with two coats, no noticeable streaking and the consistency isn't too thick or too thin.

'Lacey' Nail Polish - this is a deep, midnight blue, frosted polish with a blue pearl and blue shimmer. This is a beautiful jewel tone, sexy for special occasions and special nights out. Consistency is a tiny bit thicker than the cream formulas, I'm guessing its due to the frost/shimmer. Goes on opaque with one coat, but evens out with two coats.

'Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick' - this is a peppermint scented, white balm with Shea butter, Chili pepper and vitamin E. This treatment is said to moisturize feet, stimulate circulation and prevent blisters. My initial impression of this product is that it smells great, feels light and moisturizing, and I love the convenient twist up applicator. A full review of this product will be posted in the near future.

Forget Me Knot Seeds - so cute and sweet! Can't wait to plant these! I will take photos and maybe post a DIY! ;)

Since its the end of summer and I won't have another chance to wear this colour than maybe Halloween, I wanted to use Bea for my manicure. I wanted to do something fun and sporty, so I paired it with this baby blue 'Something Blue', that I got last month in my July Maven Box (to read last months Julep Maven post, click here). I decided to do a French manicure with a twist - I wanted the tips to be thinner than your typical French manicure. Here are the steps for this months Maven Manicure.

First, and as always, when I'm getting ready for a manicure, I make sure my hands and nail beds are scrubbed, dried and groomed clean. A clean nail bed will make a manicure last longer, and groomed nails always look better with polish! I also like to apply petroleum jelly around my nail beds to keep polish on the nail bed and make cleaning up much easier.

I chose to use the yellow polish as the base and the blue on the transition nail - my ring finger as per usual.

I applied the first coat...

And a second...

I made sure that I let the coats completely dry before applying the next, and before using any stickers or tape for the French tip. I waited for the two coats to dry completely.

If you have been reading for a while, you know that I like to be resourceful and find things around the house that I could use, instead of buying those French tip stickers at the drugstore. For French manicures, I like to use the stickers from fruit and other produce, because the sticker covers the entire nail bed only leaving the tip. Making it almost fully mess free! I grabbed a few stickers and applied them to my nail beds.

I then applied the first coat of the opposite colour to each nail. I don't wait for the polish on the tip to dry, once I've gone through all my fingers I applied a second coat to the tip.

I make sure to not let the polish on the tip harden or stiffen before taking off the sticker. Taking the sticker off while its still wet will get you that crisp, clean line.

I do wait for the tips of my nails to completely dry before applying the final layer of clear top coat to seal it all in place and smooth everything out.

After applying the top coat, I made sure to let my nails dry for at least half an hour befor doing anything with them. I would hate to smudge and have to start over, so committing to some dry time is important!

And voila!

What do you think? Are you loving or hating this manicure or products you received in your Maven box? I would love to hear your opinion - email me ( or in the comments box below! I would also love to hear your thoughts on what you thought about the Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick and don't forget to check back for my full review of this product very soon!

For more information on Julep and their Maven program, please visit the link below: 

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Can't believe its September already. Until next month Mavens!!


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