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July Favourites!

Wow! Summer is going by way too fast!! Already posting my July favourites and I suddenly feel a rush of panic come over me to do as much as I can this next month and cram summer activities into my calendar! But first, lets talk about a few products I've loved, some manicures I've attempted, my go-to makeup and day makeup look and of course another MAC collection I could not resist!

First, I want to talk about the products that I've reviewed and loved this past month. Of course, as you know by now, I've been loving(!!) my Dior Airflash Spray Foundation in colour "300" and love the product inside and out! This is perfect for summer and the coverage is fantastic without feeling heavy! I absolutely love it (to read my full review, click here) and I use it in all my makeup looks and on clients. They love it too! I'm definitely going to stock up my kit with more of these babies!

Another product that I have been loving and have done a review on (to read my full review, click here), is Tarte's Pure Maracuja Oil. I've been talking about this a lot lately, mostly because I am just thrilled with my results. It really comforts my skin and keeps everything the way it supposed to be. Great for evening out skin tone, healing acne and anti-aging, it's an all-around skincare gem. I am definitely buying the full size and soon!

I love me a good manicure, especially for summer! I just love all of the bright colours and cute combinations and designs. I can honestly say that I am a polish-holic and my addiction has been brought to a new level thanks to Julep and their Maven Monthly Subscription. Back in June, I introduced a new series where I will be talking about be products I received monthly from my Julep Maven subscription and also use the new nail polishes in a manicure. This month I received a great Maven box(to read about my July Maven box and manicure tutorial, click here), I loved everything in it, especially the nail colours! They are so summer!!! I love the light peach cream colour ("Cassie"), but I love the grey ("Alaina") and that I'll be able to bring that colour into my fall nail art and manicures. For more information on Julep and their Maven Subscription, or to subscribe please visit: 

Some colours that I have been loving this summer are coral and teal, so why not combine those colours in a funky manicure? So I did! I love the edge and fun that a diagonal tip gives a manicure (for the full tutorial post, click here), not to mention how easy it was to do! Anyone can have this fun, summery manicure with materials in their own home! For this nail art, I used MAC's "Pistachio Cream" Nail Laquer (Baking Beauties LE Collection) with H&M "Summer Coral" that I got a couple summers back. Loving the colours separately, but together is magical!!!


Along with summer nail looks, I posted a summer day go-to look, using some of my favourite makeup and colours for spring/summer. Summer is a great time to play with colours and not only for special occasions! Have fun, take advantage and use colour in your everyday makeup routine (to see the full look and tutorial, click here). I wanted to show you how I incorporate more colour into my daily makeup and go-to look and maybe inspire you to use an on-trend colour in your everyday routine.

Again, since I was loving coral, I used MAC's "Free to Be" Matte eyeshadow (Liberty of London LE Collection)  to add some brightness to a neutral eye. I love mixing bright colours with muted browns to really make the bright colour pop. I only used 3 colours for this eye look - "Buck" Matte eyeshadow by Urban Decay cosmetics, MAC's Mylar Satin Eyeshadow, and of course MAC "Free to Be". I made sure to really layer on the coral pink in the outer corner to intensify the colour and give the lid an ombré effect. I love this eye makeup and continue to use it almost everyday as my everyday day makeup!

For this look (and almost everyday), I used my MAC "Mocha" Satin Lipstick to polish off the look. I love this neutral lipstick, its dark enough to bring some drama, but not light enough for it to disappear like a nude lippie. It's a great alternative to the light beige nude lipstick. I can already foresee myself using this for my fall makeup looks. Good thing I have a backup of this beauty!

Along with "Mocha", I've been loving my new MAC Cremesheen Lipglasses in "Fever Isle" and "Narcissus" from their recent Tropical Taboo Collection. When I'm not wearing my go-to neutral "Mocha" and wanting to wear something with more colour, these are what I have been reaching for. I love that "Fever Isle" is bright enough for a sexy night look, but still pretty and creamy for a less dramatic, day look. I've noticed that I have been reaching for "Narcissus" more for my night looks and sometimes for day looks with a neutral eye, for when I'm feeling a little more daring! I love these colours and I already have a ton of ideas and lip recipes for them that I will share soon!! So many possibilities!!

Another item that I used to achieve a luminous glow for my make up look is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Adored" which is also from their Tropical Taboo collection. I didn't think that I would find anything that would top MAC "Soft & Gentle", but this comes to a very close second, if not a tie! I love "Adored" because it does have a coral colour that I think really goes well with coral blushes that I have been using lately. It just meshes seamlessly, and that's why I think it's gives skin a flawless luminance. A definite must have and staple for my kit and all makeup looks!

Speaking if the Tropical Taboo Collection, no monthly recap would be complete with talking about at least 1 MAC Limited Edition Collection! Last month, MAC released a fantastic summer collection, showcasing a lot of their "Mineralize" products in funky and bright colours. It would be hard for any MACaholic to resist this collection! A lot of fun and surprising colour combinations that come together to make a perfect and super sparkley colour for any summer makeup look. Although the options were abundant as to what you can have from this collection, I chose two Mineralize Eyeshadows in "Cha-Cha-Cha" and "Time and Tango", two Cremesheen Glass in "Fever Isle" & "Narcissus", and the Mineralize Skinfinish in "Adored". I also, from a previous collection already have "Heroine" & "Ablaze" Lipliner, which are repromoted with the Tropical Taboo Collection . I love these colours and products for many different reasons (to read the full Haul & Review, click here),  and I am so happy to have them as part of my kit and collection!

Well there you have it dolls, a quick recap of everything that I have been loving his past month. I have a few products that I am currently reviewing for future reviews and favourites posts, so stay tuned this month for more. What were your favourites for July? Do you use any of the products I've mentioned, and if you do, how do you like them? I would love to hear what you think of my favourites and some of your own in the comments box below!!

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Until next month (no rush, not looking forward to summer being over yet!)


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