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Rave of Rant? - Julep Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil


Since I have been telling so many people about this product, I had to do a review post on it for all the dolls out there that I don't see on the regular!

As some of my readers may remember, I had received this product as part of my July Julep Maven subscription (to read the full post, click here), and was very excited to try it. I've been using it for a month now, to give it a fair trial before passing judgement. Let me just start by saying that this is solely my opinion, and you or others, may have a completely different experience with this product. This review, along with more information on the product at the bottom of this post, is to help guide one to making well thought out purchases and in no way to advertise the product.

Now, the product is advertised on Julep's website as "A blend of lightweight and nourishing oils that moisturize, condition and restore elasticity and suppleness to the body"  and is said to "Absorbs quickly and leaves a satin finish without a greasy residue. Treatment mist contains a blend of cotton seed oil, rich in cell nourishing vitamin E, and sunflower oil for deep conditioning and softening of even the driest skin.".

Julep's Beach Tonic Dry Body oil is available online or wherever Julep products are sold and retails for $23.00 for 104ml of product. Seems a little steep, but if you're looking for a time conserver, this is it - and time gained is priceless. Of course, if you're a Julep Maven and weren't lucky enough to get this with your July Maven box, you can get it for 20% off ($18.40). I'll leave links at the bottom of the post for more information on the maven program and product.

The reason I chose to get this product to try is because I have dry skin that needs to moisturize daily, but have no time or patience to do so. If there is anyway that I could possibly cut down on the time and effort it takes to moisturize my entire body - I am all over it like butter on a hot day! I have been enjoying my Julep products thus far, so why not try something out that might turn out great?!? I also really like the fact that the beauty products that I've tried from them don't contain any parabens. This is really important to me, especially for a product that I will be applying to my entire body.

As soon as I received my package, I immediately smelled this amazing scent - before I even opened the box! This stuff smells ?$!&#% incredible!!!!!! The scent according to the website is "A blend of citrus and floral notes", the best word that I can think of that describes it is - Sexy! This is a sexy-sweet-fresh-floral-sunny-beachy-clean-amazing smell, that you cant help but feel sexy in and everyone has commented on how terrific I smell when they hug me!;) It's not a smell that is similar or that I've smelled before, it's very much original in its own, (which I personally love) but can be combined with any other scents and even compliment certain scents. The scent made me super excited to try it out, I love, love, LOVE it!!

As per the directions, this product is to be applied preferrably while the skin is still damp, or whenever dryness is felt and to be massaged into skin after misting the product from the spray pump to the body/dry area. It can be used under moisturizer for more skin conditioning and to not be applied to the face. How I apply the product is, once I'm done showering I don't towel dry - I mist the oil all over my body while my skin is still damp/wet, and then use the dampness to help spread and massage the oil into my skin. I let my skin air dry - I find that this is key to help scent and softness last longer. I apply and massage in more product after shaving as my skin can get very tight and itchy. This seemed to help that a lot and was suffice enough that I didn't need additional moisturizer for my freshly shaved (dry) legs.

I did feel immediate moisturization and suppleness after application and the scent was strong and lovely! However I do wish that both lasted a little longer. After a full day, the scent is hardly noticeable and although skin is soft to the touch, it is tighter and not as comfortable. The scent lasted about eight hours on me, with the eighth hour being very faint (I couldn't smell it on me unless I put my nose right against my skin and even then it was hardly there). The smell is really one of the best characteristics of the product so I wish it lasted longer for those after-work cocktails. Moisturization and skin conditioning did get a lot better as I kept using this product daily, it actually has improved my skin over time. My dry patches are much smaller, less itchy and less noticeable. It's also improved the elasticity of my skin, but as mentioned this is only achieved after using it daily for sometime. A moisturizer may still be required in combination with this product.

The only other negative comment I have about this product is that the spray pump could be better. I had read some reviews about the pump being faulty after only slight usage, and I am now getting to a point where its getting more and more difficult to use. I am about 1/3 of the way through the product, and the pump is only operating the way it should about 65% of the time. I have to pull the pump up after every pump or two, which can be a little difficult when you are dealing with a body oil and slippery hands.

Another great thing about this product, if not the best thing - is that it only takes minutes to moisturize my whole body! Minutes! It is so fast that's it doesn't make moisturizing a chore or so time consuming. Most days I barley have time to remember to wear the right coloured bra, I don't have time to moisturize and wait for it to absorb before putting my clothes on. This fits in to my daily routine beautifully and actually allows me more time for getting ready, and that honestly makes it a great product for me and my lifestyle.

Product Grade: A-

While there are some things that could definitely be improved on, I am raving about this product because of how well it works for me, and how fits into my routine and life. The overall product is great, the smell is fantastic, conditions skin, is paraben free and makes moisturizing quick and easy. I will definitely be re-purchasing this again, I just wish they had a bulk size!

Have you tried this product or any products from Julep? I would love to hear your Rave or Rant about it in the comments box below! I would also love to know if you have any suggestions for any other Julep products that you would like me to review, leave me a comment below or email me at, I am always open to know what you think!

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