Thursday, 23 May 2013

Haul! - What I Scored for My Birthday!

Hey gang!

As promised from my previous post, I am sharing with you what I received as gifts from my guests, family and friends for my birthday. I am absolutely thrilled with everything that I got, I can't believe I have received such generous gifts! I am so blessed to have not only for what I got for my birthday, but for the people who made it that much more special!

I am not one of those people who enjoys to receive cash as a gift. Although I will never reject a gift of cash, I prefer gift cards if the person is thinking of giving me a monetary gift. I find that cash ends up being bill payments instead of treating yourself with something that you wouldn't or couldn't normally. Gift cards are the freedom of choice that you get with cash, but the thought and consideration of a non-monetary gift. It can't just be any gift card, it has to be a gift card that represents the person and their style. Much deliberation and thought goes into picking the perfect gift card. You have to take the time and think of what the person likes and or what stores they like to shop at. I am all for gift cards and will happily provide suggestions to different stores or themes to keep the element of surprise there! And needless to say, I have received many gift cards this year!

Gift cards for Square One (a local mall), H & M, Starbucks, MAC (ahhhh!)... So as you can see I have got all the bases covered with these babies! Thank you everyone for allowing me to spoil myself,  along with funding and enabling me to continue my shopping addiction!

My very generous partner knew I needed some more brushes for my client kit as I would have to sometimes use some brushes from my personal kit on my clients and hated mixing the two! So she was so thoughtful to have gotten the Sigma "Make Me Cool" Essentials Kit, the Synthetic Precision Kit and this cute little brush holder, to make it easier for me to travel with my new brush kit. (Holster is on sale now btw!) I absolutely love Sigma brushes, they are of the highest quality and have the best application for all your make up looks. They have a brush for every step of full face make up plus brushes that are specifically used for certain application or process. They have kits just for eyes, kits just for face, essential kits, synthetic kits, extravaganza kits and amazing make up palettes! If you have not tried Sigma beauty products or tools, you need to get on that now! Now now now! You are missing out! These babies will fit right in with my collection and I can't wait to use them on my clients! I'm a super happy girl with my Sigma Kit! Ps, don't you love the colour I got them in? I want a kit in every colour! They are all so pretty and make it very difficult to choose one!

Along with the brushes and brush holster, she als got me some really cute things from Kate Spade. Kate Spade NY has recently opened a boutique here in Toronto and I couldn't be more thrilled! I love all of her funky and colourful clothes and jewelry, not to mention the tech accessories!! My partner has lost every pair of earbuds that we own, so in redemption she got me these super cute pink and orange earbuds. How adorable are they?! She also got me this really cute gold knot ring, super cute and simple great for me to wear with all my outfits! And because she's so attentive and knows how much I'm loving teal lately, she got me this bow bangle and knew I would absolutely love it. Everything is so adorable and the packaging is just too cute for words!

My Grandma and aunt were so generous to have gotten me this cute little Tassimo coffee machine! It's perfect! I love that it small enough for me to keep on the counter and the coffee is always absolutely delicious. I've already gone through a pack of cappuccinos! I absolutely love it, I admit, I think I may have developed a new vice...

I also have received some other miscellaneous trinkets and knickknacks, flowers and wine (which is obviously gone now!), I adore everything from the coin purse to the beach towel! Seems that everyone else also knows that I am currently obsessing over anything teal!! It just means more to me that you had taken the time to find me something that I would enjoy and I appreciate. Thank you so much!

I have loved the time I had gotten to spend with friends and family most of all! Nothing could have been better than celebrating with people who love and care about you. You have all made my birthday a very memorable one!

Now it's time to go shopping! Stay tuned for future haul posts to see what those gift cards got me! For more daily photos and posts please follow me on Instagram (@fernonje) and on bloglovin' (makeupmasochist). Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments box below or email me . I will answer all of you lovely creatures!


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