Friday, 3 May 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself...

I'm Ashley!

Figured that you might want to know a little bit about the person you're reading about! Just a little information about me and what you might expect to be reading about on my blog.

I'm a young lady (yes still young!) living in Toronto, Canada with my partner, two pugs and my cat Maggie. I am a Cosmetologist, certified in hair and make up and those are my passions. I'm free-lancing right now while I am in the process of becoming a Realtor. I love everything girly, Hello Kitty, shopping, spending time with family and friends and just enjoying life!

Mostly what you can expect to see from this blog are beauty and makeup related posts. There will be make up looks that I create on myself and clients, pretty pictures of make up with some reviews and blog sales. I will also be posting hair styles and techniques that I have done on clients and myself with pictorials whenever possible. Beauty shopping hauls, events and monthly favourites will be on the roster, hoping that you will find this information helpful.

I love my city! And with my posts I'm hoping I'll get you to love Toronto too! I try to be active in my community and participate in events and functions all across the city. There is always something going on that everyone can enjoy, and I try to make it out as much as possible. I love festivals and I am so excited because spring is here and so is festival season! So if you're not from here (or even if you are!), I'm hoping that you can get a good peek into Toronto urban life. Becoming a Realtor will also have me learning a lot more about my city, so come explore with me!

 As I had mentioned before, I have two pugs, Babii and Tuna. They take up so much of my time, there's no way that they wouldn't be written about! Babii is my fawn pug, she's turning 8 in December and I've had her since she was a pup. Tuna, my black pug, we rescued from a puppy mill and we have had her for almost 2 years now. We are estimating that she's turning 7 next month, give or take a year. We love to take them to pug events with local pug rescues and organizations, and we have a lot of pug and dog friends that might also show up on blogs from time to time. They make everyone they meet smile and I'm sure they will make you smile as well!

And of course there has to be balance! So there will also be a lot of miscellaneous posts about fashion, food, friends and family! A little bit of everything, hoping there's a post that everyone can relate to and enjoy.

I'm going to try and be as interactive as possible, so please leave me comments and email me if you have any questions about my posts or suggestions of what you would like to see. I want to get to know my readers so I will be reading and responding, please be patient if I don't respond right away. You can email me at      > <. You can also follow me on Instagram @fernonje for more photos!

I'm excited and looking forward to getting started, I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them! I want to thank you for visiting and please check back often for more!


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