Sunday, 26 May 2013

MAC Temperature Rising - Haul & Swatches

I want to start of by saying - I wasn't initially excited about this collection and thought about skipping it all together. But after seeing some more photos, reading reviews and seeing swatches I slowly became more on board and thought about buying only one or two pieces. Once I got to the counter and saw the collection in the flesh, I felt butterflies and fell in love.

Every year around this time MAC launches their special edition collection for summer. They always have some kind of summery special packaging and colours that are perfect for this bronzed season. This collection did not disappoint for me. The last special edition summer collection I purchased was their "Surf, Baby!" Collection from 2011' and I loved that collection because it screamed SUMMER! Their "Hey Sailor!" Collection from last year was cute but I had passed it up because I felt I had a lot of the items or similar already in my collection. This is also how I initially felt about this collection. Just another nude lipstick, coral blush and bronzer, blah blah blah... But when I went to the counter and swatched everything on my skin, I felt like I've found something that's been right in front of me all along! I needed to have it!

Here is what I got from the collections and swatches:

- Altered Beige Lustre Lipstick - I have a confession to make: I LOVE Lustures and Cremesheens!! I know that they are not usually people's favourite lipstick formulas from MAC, but they are my favourite. Don't get me wrong, I love their Matte formula for many reasons, but I just love the creamy and shiney finish of a Cremesheen or Lustre. I love the warm tone of this lipstick, it's great for bronze skin with out looking too yellow or too grey. I love nude lipsticks and seem to always be attracted to them first in a collection, and this is no different. I can't wait to use it during the day and out at night!

- Feel My Pulse Cremesheen Lipstick - Initially I was not going to get this as I have quite a few purple lippies already, but once I swatched it on my wrist, I thought one more wont hurt! ;) I just can't say no to a Cremesheen, not to mention such a pretty purple lipstick. This is a pretty dark magenta pink (blue with a bit of yellow undertones) with a very subtle blue/purple pearl. The pearl is almost unnoticeable. Needs a few layers to build a consistent colour as most Cremesheens. This would be amazing layered over Heroine! I'm so excited to use this for those hot summer nights!

- Soft Serenade Lipglass - This was one of the items that I was initially interested in, and got me thinking more and more about this collection. I saw it in a photo on an Instagram beauty account and thought that it was just to pretty to pass up! All the glitter and sparkle was more than I could resist! I love this bronzed pinky nude, and the amount of sparkle is enough to make you want to get out your sunnies! This would be a great lipgloss to layer over nudes, pinks, and bronze lipsticks to give it an extra layer of dimension and some whimsy! I will be sure to be posting some lip recipes with this baby, make sure to check back and try them for yourself!

- Ripe For Love Powder Blush - This was also originally one of the two items I was contemplating to purchase, along with the Lipglass. I know, crazy to not want want want a lipstick! When I had first saw the blush in pictures, I knew it would the the perfect dark coral shade to compliment my summer tan. I have been going back and forth between "Cream Soda" (Archie's Girls Collection) and "Fun & Games" (Hello Kitty Collection), but I have been feeling like Cream Soda is not showing up as well and I've hit the pan on Fun & Games :(. This burnt coral blush is absolutely perfect for matching any tone of bronzed skin. I love MAC blushes, I find them very pigmented and this one fits the bill. Easily applied with very little product, goes on even and easily blend-able. I will be using this all summer and sure to make it a staple in all my summer make up looks!

- Nude On Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder - Bronzers and I go way back, there was a time in my life where I couldn't live without my bronzer! But, bronzer and I needed to have some space apart. After some time spent away from bronzer I started to look again and see if there was a good bronzer for me out there. One that won't treat me badly and make me orange or look like I'm made of glittery sand. And then I found you. Nude on Board is a natural bronze powder with almost a pearl matte finish without so much pearl. There's only a very small hint of shimmer which I appreciate. In the hot sun I sparkle naturally, I don't need any more sparkle to accentuate that! This is my new favourite bronzer, applied in the right spots it gives you the perfect sun kissed look without making you look orange.  I can't wait to reignite my love with Bronzer!

Here are some comparison swatches for "Altered Beige":

Left - Right/ Bottom - Top : Altered Beige, Fresh Brew, Peachstock, Marquise'd, Pure Decoration

Here are some comparison swatches for "Feel My Pulse":

Left - Right/ Bottom - Top: Feel My Pulse, Most Popular, Petals & Peacocks, Spitfire, Daddy's Little Girl

Here are some comparison swatches for "Ripe for Love":

Left - Right: Ripe For Love, Fun & Games, Prim & Proper, My Paradise, Cream Soda

Of course I have to talk about the packaging! This packaging couldn't be more perfect for this collection, it looks and feels amazing. And it's so SEXY!!! Reminds me long summer days, getaways and sunshine rays! ;)

All in all, I think this is a very well thought out collection, the colours are perfect for summer and current trends. There's something in this collection for all to enjoy, these are just the items that I picked up - go find your favourite piece at counters now!

As promised, I will be posting lip recipes and make up looks with pieces from this collection, so please be sure to subscribe so you won't miss out! You can also follow me on Bloglovin' (MakeupMasochist) and for more daily photos and posts follow me on Instagram (@fernonje). If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them in the comments box below. I will be reading and responding to all my lovelies, and taking suggestions into consideration. You can also email me

Until the next MAC Collection!


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