Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My (Crazy) Birthday Weekend

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA these past few days, I have been crazy busy this weekend with  birthday preparations, baking cakes, travelling outside the city, BBQ festivities and fitting life in between whenever possible!

It was a holiday long weekend that has just past here in Canada, celebrating Queen Victoria and its a holiday weekend that we look forward to all winter long. It is officially the long weekend to kick start the summer! Lucky (and maybe unlucky depending how you look at it) for me that my birthday always falls in or around the long weekend. So it always a great opportunity to fire up the BBQ during the day and spread a blanket to watch the fireworks go off later in the evening.

But lets start from the beginning of the weekend - Friday! My partner has been applying into the field of Emergency Medical Services Dispatch, so she had received a call on Thursday from the city of Barrie to come in to do some testing to get the interview process started. However, Barrie is about forty-five minutes to an hour away. So we got in the car, drove the hour, I dropped her off and wished her good luck. These testing sessions last a minimum of 2 hours, so in the meantime while I'm waiting for her to finish, I will usually go exploring to burn some time, especially if we are far out of the city.

I needed to go buy plants and veggies to plant in my garden for this year, so I went to a local Rona and picked up a bunch of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and zucchini to plant along with some long stem rose bushes, Gerbera Daisy, and Hydrangeas for my flower beds. I love to garden and grow my own foods, so needless to say I was in greenhouse heaven and have been looking forward to this all year!

That blew off about 45 minutes, so I decided to start driving around Barrie and see what it's all about. I like to get away from the residential areas, and drive down the more secluded and off beaten paths. I love to find farms, and bodies of water and just hang out listening to the radio while I wait. Here are some photos of my Barrie adventure!

My Mother had come over that evening to help me plant all my new flowers and veggies to have it all ready for Sundays BBQ.

I also had the privilege and pleasure this weekend to make a birthday cake for a  very special 11 year old. My cousin Andrew turned 11 a few days before and was having his birthday party on the Saturday. Andrew is a soccer fanatic and a Christiano Ronaldo in the making, so I made him a soccer cake. Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you had an amazing birthday and liked the cake I made for you!

Sunday was the big day - my actual birthday and BBQ! Full of family, friends and food! This was the first BBQ that I've held here at my house since we had moved in last year, so I was really excited and happy to have everyone over to celebrate not only my birthday, but my home, yard and being together.

 Here are some photos of the festivities.

And what better way to close the weekend festivities than with another BBQ?!!? Since Monday was a holiday, my second Mother (Aunt Fil) was gracious enough to have us over for BBQ and some laughs watching my baby cousin play with his new sprinkler. The weather was beautiful all weekend, but the hottest on Monday. It was so hot that we ended up having some fun with the sprinkler too!

We celebrate this weekend with fireworks (I get fireworks for my birthday every year!), so here are some shots we caught and the firework finale on video!

Hope you all had a nice and safe long weekend! Although this weekend was non stop until the very last day, I enjoyed every minute of it!

I want to thank everyone for coming and making my birthday extra special. I'm lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and I am blessed with all that I have. Thank you for your generous gifts (future blogpost of what I got is coming, stay tuned!) and taking the time out of your day to send me birthday wishes. I am truly humbled to know how many people care for me and wanted to make my day special.

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Until next time lovelies!

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