Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Doggie Days: Doggie Days of Summer

Happy Humpday!

Something that always gets me through the day, week, month - are my lovable and loyal companions. These girls stick with me through thick and thin and I am so grateful to have them to cheer me up and remind me that life is beautiful!

We like to take full advantage of summer and the good weather, especially when its not too hot out. Evenings are our favourite time to take the girls out for walks and to the parks because when its too hot out, they wont have a good time. We are lucky enough to have a wide range of awesome places that we can take them to in the city, but our most favourite places are around the corner from home.

Here are some photos of the girls doing their Puggie thang this summer in the city!

At a local Playground on Bloor St.

Tuna Going Down The Slide

On our way to Cherry Beach Dog Beach...

They love going on car rides!

 Tired on our way home!

Just a cute random shot of Maggie!

Back at Cherry Beach Dog Beach!

Tuckered Out from a fun day with friends!
Fun Times at High Park Doggie Park and Trail

Well if those faces didn't make you smile - I don't know what kind of small-black-hearted person you are! There are some truely special and cherished memories that I will hold on to forever. These angels that God lets us borrow are only with us for a small percentage of our entire lives, but leave the biggest mark on our hearts that lasts for eternity. I love my little fur-babies as much as my heart can hold, and they bring such joy to my life. I love spending time doing things I know they love and making special moments together!

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Time to take these furballs out for their evening walk!

Ashley, Babii, Tuna, Maggie and Friends

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