Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fam Jam: Let's Go to the EX!

My lovelies,

I took a week off last week from blogging. I know, I suck. But I just had so much going on last week with work and my new nephew was born, so I segregated my time to spend as much time as I could with my newest family member.

Speaking of family, I had the opportunity to take my nephew and godson, Michael, to the CNE (Exhibition, whatever you want to call it), not only was it a great way to end the summer, but it was Michael's first time going on the Toronto Transit. How fun!

The CNE at the Toronto Exhibition, takes place the last two weeks of August, and is usually the milestone of the summer that declares it over. The CNE is basically a very large fair/carnival that gets set up and torn down every summer. There's a huge indoor petting farm area, largest food court I have ever been in, and lots of rides and games for all to enjoy. They also have special events everyday that it is open and the best for last - the Snowbirds Airshow, to bring it all to an end.

As mentioned in my previous family-type posts, I wanted to start this blog not only for makeup and beauty, but to also document and share special events and moments with friends and family. Lord knows, I am terrible at developing photos - nevermind putting together albums! This way I get to share a special parts of my life with my readers and have an easy way to look back and reminisce on these special moments.

Here was how we spent our day at the EX, with captions :).

My City 
Michael riding on a bus for the first time!

On the train

First ride of the day

I don't know who is more scared - Michael or Grandpa

Havin' fun!

With Grandpa at the Fire Station! 

 At the Farm


He loved the Motorcycles

A new friend <3

On our way home, Slushy face!

It was a very special day that I got to spend with some of my favourite people in the whole world. We had fun, ate lots and spent lots, but all that matters are the memories that were made and never will be forgotten.

For more information on the Toronto CNE and other Toronto Attractions, please visit the links below:



Meet Marcus...

Born September 4th, 2013
A new and welcome addition to to the family. He brings us so much joy that we couldn't have imagined our hearts could handle. I love you so much little man, Tita will always be there to love you and give you lots of cuddles. See this is why I wanted to take some time off, now that you have seen him - can you blame me?? ;)

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Hope you enjoyed the photos, I know we enjoyed making these moments that will stay with me forever.


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