Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Haul! - Estée Lauder/MAC/Clinique Warehouse Sale Sept 2013

Hi loves,

If you're lucky enough, like I am, to live in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), then you might already be aware of this great warehouse sale that Estée Lauder (and all the brands under its umbrella) throw every 3 months.  This is not a sale for everyone, limited tickets are issued to people and companies. Lucky to have friends who gave me tickets, I took my cousin Christine and headed into the madness.

Now, when I say madness - I mean MADNESS! The people who attend the three day event are Cosmo-holics, and to get the best deal for the best product - the competition is cutthroat. I have stopped attending the sale on Fridays because it is just insane in there, I prefer to go on Saturdays or Sundays to avoid long lineups for products and checkout. The warehouse is made up of four buildings, different buildings/rooms for different makeup products, skincare and fragrances. So much product! So many brands too - MAC, Estée Lauder, Clinuque, Smashbox, Origins, GoodSkin Labs, Ojon, Bumble & Bumble, Coach and so much more!

Needless to say, I found all I wanted and some that I didn't even know I wanted! This is usually how it happens. No avoiding or denying it, that's why I tell first timers to not go crazy because its easy to blow your budget. Like, EXPLODE your budget.

Here's the recap of the products I purchased at this months sale:

Ojon Rare Harvest SWA+ Fortifying Hair Juice - I got this to split a 2 for 1 deal with Christine. I was looking at some hair thickening shampoos and leave in treatments and have heard some good things about this brand, so why not? The description on the bottle states that this product "Protects Fragile hair against future breakage" and it's a "Lightweight mist that surrounds fragile, thinning hair with a protective shield that helps keep it smooth and maintains hairs ability to resist breakage. Formulated with rare Swa Oil, rich in amino acids to strengthen hair against breakage.". I love the scent and I'm hoping it does all the wonderful things it says it does! Fingers crossed!

Clinique Turn Around Concentrate - There's a part of the sale after checkout, where they have a donation station set up to raise funds for Women's Breast Cancer. For those who make a donation you get a gift, and the gift this time was this Clinique serum. I always make a donation, regardless of the gift I get, and I love Clinique skincare so I'm happy to give when I can :). This product is described on the box as "Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance free. Unveils skins optimal radiance: brighter, even toned, luminous. Achieved through an unprecedented multi-level skin renewal process. An advanced cocktail of exfoliants continually resurfaces skin for a brighter, more even appearance. Immediately skin looks perfected. Over time, the appearance of fine lines is reduced. Oil-free." Very intriguing. Excited to see if this will help the condition of my skin and make an overall improvement to my complexion, here's hoping!

GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2 Lash Boosting Serum - I also got this as a 2 for 1 split deal with Christine, and I  have to say I am most excited to try this product! I have tried another lash serum before, but it was made of natural ingredients and I didn't get the results I expected. Hoping that because this is not a "natural" product that I will have better results and no weird side effects. Here's is what is claimed on the packaging about this product: "After 8 weeks: Visibly longer, thicker lashes" and "After 12 weeks: 68% of Women reported their lashes looked longer". That's what I'm hoping for! The serum is applied with a thin brush, the applicator and application are very similar to when using liquid liner. My lashes are long, however they are very light in colour at the very tips - making them look shorter than they really are. I'm hoping this product will help thicken my lashes and correct that issue for me so I can wear my lashes more natural.

MAC Creme D'Nude Cremesheen Liptick - this is a permanent colour and I already have this for my kit - but not in my personal collection. How could I possibly resist this classic nude in limited edition packaging? Loving this cute little white bullet! Creme D'Nude is a creamy, pinky-peach, true nude colour, with a very subtle shimmer and creamy texture. This is one of my favourite nudes, because its warm enough to not make lips look dead, or chalky. Welcome little cutie to you're new home in my collection!

MAC 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush & MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush - these were some of those "unexpected" purchases that happen when I'm at a sale like this, but I'm glad I got them. It wasn't until I saw these brushes, when I realized that I have no fan brushes in my kit anymore and I needed these - stat! The discount on brushes was more than reasonable, so I got both the larger Duo Fibre fan brush and the smaller, stiffer bristled fan brush. I love Duo Fibre brushes in general, so the larger fan brush was a real score. The small fan brush is described to be used to apply mascara, however I'm thinking to use it for contouring. I love using fan brushes for contouring and this little fan brush is ideal for nose contouring. The bristles are a little stiffer, so I'll have to see if it will work they way I want it too. But honestly, how cute is the small fan brush? I think it's adorable!!

Well, that's quite a haul, I'm happy that I got a broad spectrum of items - from hair treatments to lipstick, tools and skincare in between. I'm happy with what I got and I hope you like it too! Have you ever attended this sale or one like this? Let me know in the comments box below and what you get when you go! I would love to see your hauls so tag me on Instagram #makeupmasochist so I can see! Next sale is in December, and I usually do a lot of Christmas shopping on that one, but I still manage to bring something home for myself! Stay tuned for that sale!

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Gotta get to work reviewing these babies, catch you dolls later!


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