Monday, 23 September 2013

My Emmy's Best: Hair, Makeup & Dressed

Happy Monday lovekatz!

I know, not much to be happy about on a Monday, right? Wrong! It's the Monday after the Emmy's! That means we are all just getting down from our Hollywood high, and will only have it completely out of our systems in 24-72 hours.

I just wanted to share with you all my favourite looks of the Emmy's last night in Fashion, Hair and Makeup. It was so hard to sift through them all and choose 3 in each category that I loved- everyone looked stunning! There were some definite misses, but nothing horrifyingly wrong (thank goodness!), making the process of elimination super hard.

Here are my Emmy favourites in Hair, Makeup and best Dressed; and I will also tell you who was my favourite overall look at the end!

Best Hair:

Clair Danes - I also loved her makeup, thought it was so classic and pretty, and really played off her natural features. Her hair was the star of her entire look for me. I love that she went short! Don't get me wrong, she is such a stunner with longer hair - but I love me a short haired Danes! Makes her look so youthful and fresh. Her dress wasn't a complete miss, it just washed her out. Too bad too, she had everything else going for her!

Carrie Preston - I was so impressed with everything Carrie delivered us yesterday - her hair, makeup and that dress!!! - everything was beautiful and spot on! She is exuding classic Hollywood glamour here and I am loving everything about it! I love her bold red hair, parted on the side with a vintage curl; but what I loved the most was that she wasn't afraid to wear a pastel pink dress with it. Way to go girl, she was one of my absolute favourites of the night!

Zooey Deschanel - I just have to say that she's an absolute doll! I love her, and I think the reason she always looks so lovely on the outside is because she's lovely on the inside as well. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of her dress, I do like that she stays true to her style and that's why she still looked great! The real star of her look (besides her pretty peepers), is her hair. How effortless and dreamy!! Simple but beautiful, and again I am getting an old Hollywood glamour feeling from this style. So pretty!

Best Makeup:

Lena Dunham - First, I liked her dress. I liked that she looked young and whimsical and it was a full gown. Secondly, I loved her make up. It was flawless, bold but still really pretty - perfect for girls her age to wear. However I don't like the matchy-match of her dress and makep together. Her makeup is beautiful - flushed skin, bold coloured smokey eye and a pretty pout. It sophisticated her without aging her. Beautiful job by her Makeup Artist, just maybe the wrong colour choice for that dress, in my opinion.

Rose Byrne - How GORGEOUS did she look last night? Absolute stunner! I've been looking to her for fashion inspiration for awhile now, and last night just make me fall in LOVE with her style! Her makeup is my favourite though, a fall neutral eye with blush and a lip colour that are true to her name and compliment her dress and hair beautifully. The makeup is so natural and really just plays off her already stunning features, and her warm tones hair just give her an overall glow. So romantic!

January Jones - This is pastels done right for fall, in specific, pink done right for fall. Pink has been and is going to be one of her biggest colours this fall, especially more of the blush and petal pinks like we saw last night at The Emmy's. She managed to pull off this pastel, head to toe, and made is so perfect for Autumn! I love that her make up is so subtle on her lips and eyes, but the highlight is so intense and gorgeous and it makes her whole face luminous. So girly and romantic, perfect with her hair (again, old Hollywood glamour-esque) and really pulled her whole look together.

Best Dressed:

Kayley Cuoco - I'm a little bit in a love-hate with this one. I Love love love this dress, but I feel like the look, in its entirety, is missing something. I haven't been able to quite put my thumb in it, I go back and forth from her hair to her accessories (or lack thereof!) or overdone eye makeup and haven't been able to place it. But I love this burgundy dress, I am biased though - I live for burgundy in the Fall! Besides the colour, I love all he textures and details on the skirt and the bodice makes the whole dress so modern! I'd wear this dress! It definitely caught my eye on the Red Carpet last night and it kept catching it throughout the festivities.

Rose Byrne - There's no way that she doesn't deserve to be listed under this category as well as Best Makeup, I absolutely adored her outfit as well! She always looks so sleek and chic on the Red Carpet and this was no exception. I love that she chose to participate in the huge pink trend and how the cut-outs bring this dress from innocent to sexy! Great choice for her to wear at this event, it's very Emmy-esque - but nonetheless gorgeous on her!

Kiernan Shipka - I absolutely LOVE this dress, and love it even more on her with those Jimmy Choo heels! This dress caught my eye and my interest instantly, and I was hungry to know more about it! I am so happy that she chose to wear a dress like this, it's so youthful and whimsical. There's a certain innocence about this dress and I love the vintage inspired silhouette. Paired with those strappy, metallic heels, it makes the entire outfit look very dainty and feminine. This is something that girls this age should be wearing, I'm so in love with the whole look!

Although it was super hard to choose from all the beautiful looks and dresses last night, I have come to
a decision as to who was my very favourite overall look of the night and I chose - Rose Byrne!! I'm sure it was pretty obvious, but this was my very favourite overall look of the Emmys last night. I love her hair, her makeup, her dress, just EVERYTHING!

What did you think of the Emmy's last night dolls? What were your favoutie or not so favourite looks of the night? Are some of my best of the Emmy's your favourites? I would love to know who were your favouties, so let me know in the comments box below! Would you like me to recreate a makeup look that you saw at the Emmys, send me your requests to or in the comments box and the bottom of this post.

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Starting to burn out from all the Emmy excitement, might go take a nap...



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