Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nails of the Week: Happy 75th Anniversary Wizard of Oz !

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road...

I heard that this year (and more specifically-this month) marks the 75th anniversary of this amazing, oldie but goodie film and I just had to do a manicure or makeup look inspired by one of the most influential movies of all time!

You can't help but love this classic movie, I know it's been a favourite from my childhood that's continued throughout my adulthood - so what better homage to this cult classic, than some cute and fun nail art?

Right away, I knew I had to use my Deborah Lipmann nail polish in "Ruby Red Slippers" for this manicure and was torn between doing a yellow brick road or emerald city nail art for my transition nail, but decided on the yellow brick road option. I grabbed my Julep 'Bea' nail polish, and my trusty Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in 'Black', and brought my nail art vision to life.

Here's how I did it:

First I made sure my nail beds and hands were scrubbed, and washed clean after grooming and filing my nails. Once they were clean and free of debris, I applied some Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) around my nail beds to make sure I don't make a mess of myself and makes clean up faster, later.

I started to apply my transitional nail polish first, so I applied 3 coats of my 'Bea' nail polish, making sure that each coat dried completely before applying the next coat. I did this so that while I apply the polish to my other nails, to my transitional nail polish will completely dry and harden before I start using the nail art pen.

Once I was finishing layering on the yellow transitional colour, I began to apply a coat of  'Ruby Red Slippers' to the rest of my nails.

And then a second coat...

And a third.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that I only needed 3 coats of my glitter nail polish, I thought I would need more. Wonderfully, 3 coats gave me a dark, black base and the layers of the red glitter gave it beautiful dimension.

Once all my nails were dry, I began using my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen to draw on the brick lines on my yellow transitional nail. Making sure not to press too hard and get a huge black blob of polish to ruin all my hard work - hey, it's happened! A light hand is definitely key! After all is said and dry, I applied a layer of clear top coat, just to make the glitter really shine and seal it all in place.

And voila!

I'm so in love with this manicure and this colour!! These pictures really don't do it justice, it really does look like Ruby red slippers! The yellow brick transitional nail really makes the theme of this nail art clear and I think it's a great way to celebrate and say thank for entertaining us for 75 years!!

What do you think? Do you love and think its as adorable as I do? I can't stop looking down and my hands and nails! I love it, and feel so festive! What about you, will you try this manicure and help me celebrate this legendary film? I would love to know what you think in the comments box below and tag me (#makeupmasochist) on Instagram and Twitter so I can see your wizardly manicures!

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I'm off to see the wizard!


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