Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fall Bucket List!

Hey guys!

Well since I had a 'Summer Bucket List' (to see my Summer Bucket List, click here), I thought that I would make a bucket list for every season. Why not? Why should summer get all the glory?

I am happy to say that I completed 5 out of the 8 things listed on my Summer Bucket List, and I hope that I will do as well with this bucket list for Fall - if not better! I have sat down and pondered for awhile as to what I would like to accomplish in this festive season and came up with a few good ideas. Here is what I came up with, hoping I can cross them all off before Old Man Winter shows up.

1. Decorate the house with Fall and Holiday decor - We do have some Fall decorations from the past couple years, but they are mostly Halloween decorations that can double as Fall decor. This year I want to make the house more cosy and welcoming with Fall decor and colour. I love the warmth that Fall colours bring, and I am hoping it will do the same for the home. Granted, this item on the list also includes Halloween, so I will definitely be loading up my decoration arsenal for the kiddies this year! :[

2. Cook More - I've always known and understood the ideas and methods of cooking, however I have never really had an interest in it. Mostly because I have this weird phobia of smelling like food due traumatic experiences from my childhood and going home for lunch. Recently, I have taken a huge interest in cooking, and I have to give credit to some chefs on TV that are inspiring me to cook more and try new foods. I have already tried my hand at few dishes, but I want to incorporate more cooking into my everyday routine. I was thinking of starting a recipe/cooking series on the blog, let me know in the comments box below if that's something you would like to see in the future!

3. Start Christmas Shopping - People who know me, know I start my Christmas shopping early. Like October early. In fact, I already have my list ready and have some ideas as to what I am going to get for whom. I like to start early and shop online, as I find that stores have more deals and discounts on their online web-stores. Plus there's always special coupon/discount/promotional codes out there to make it even more of a bargain, you just have to look for them. Another reason I like to shop online for my Christmas Shopping, is because I earn cashback with Ebates.ca (I will leave a link for this site at the bottom of this post for more information on their 'Cashback' program)! And they like to double the cashback percentages for the Holidays, so take advantage and be done early! I know I will!

4. Try my hand at Pumpkin recipes - I already make some Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes around this time of year, every year for the past 4 years. People expect these cupcakes from me, but this year I want to hit them with a curve-ball and try my hand at a few other pumpkin recipes. Whether its a savoury or sweet, food or beverage, I will make it with Pumpkin! If you're a pumpkin everything lover, leave me your pumpkin recipes in the comments box or email me, and I would love to try! I will be posting these recipes in the future, so if your recipe gets chosen I will feature it right here on the blog along with the recipe master! Can't wait to see what you love to make with pumpkin!

5. Do more Fall activities to be more active - Of course, no Bucket List of mine would be complete without a healthy lifestyle change. I love the fall for getting active, its not stifling hot and you don't feel bad on missing out on any Summertime fun because of working out. I want to get out more, maybe start running or start taking some sort of class - yoga, Pilate's, etc. to help keep the pounds away. God knows I need the help, holidays are super dangerous for gorging and packing on a Christmas turkey on your behind! Hopefully with the mix of cooking my own (healthier) meals and being more active, I won't have to make a 'New Years Resolution' to lose the holiday weight I gained. Here's hoping.

6. Fall DIY project - Now that the weather is cooler and I am not outdoors as much, I want to use the time I have now to make at least 1 DIY project this fall. I want to do a Fall Decor project to help me with the first item on my bucket list, or a Winter decor project to get ready for the next season. It doesn't necessarily need to be a decor DIY, I am also looking into Fashion and Beauty DIY. As this was an item on my Summer Bucket List that I did not get to accomplish, this will have priority on this seasons bucket list. Can't wait to get to it and show you what I come up with!

I decided to keep it a little shorter this season, as Fall is super-crazy busy for me. I have a ton of birthdays, a wedding coming up in November, plus other functions and fun that I want to try and fit in between. So I decided to keep it a little more reasonable, not to set myself up to fail or get overwhelmed with too many tasks.

Do you make bucket lists, like I do? What's on your bucket list this Fall? Do we have similar goals, or what would you do different? I would love to hear in the comments section below! Don't forget to leave me your favourite pumpkin recipes to try and if I use your recipe, you will be featured along with the dish - right here on my blog! Send me your recipes by email at makeupmasochist@gmail.com or leave me links in the comments box below!

Here's the link for Ebates.ca and their Cashback program, why not earn a little money on purchases you will make anyway!?


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Gotta get to it! Checking them off as I go!

Happy Fall!


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