Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Client Cases - Before & After: Shauna


For the second installment of this hair and beauty series, here we have Shauna - my beautiful client from a few days ago wanting to do something new and fun with her hair. She was tired of her boring colour and style, so she came to me to give her a trendy ombré colour and cute bangs to go with it!

Here is Shauna before:

As you can see, she has some discoloration and splotchy-ness in terms of her hair colour, a lot of different brown variations and her ends were pretty ashy. Luckily her hair wasn't dyed previously with a darker colour or it would have been a much tougher job than it was. In terms of her style and cut, she has thinner hair and it was quite long with really dry ends. I knew I would have to give her a good cut and put a style back into it in a way where it would suit the bangs she wanted.

First task needed was to lighten the ends, so I started with sectioning her hair and started from the nape of her neck up toward the crown. I then took two inch portions from the larger sections and applied the lightener to the last 2 inches of her hair and wrapped it in foil. I continued this until I was done the larger section. I repeated portioning out sections and lightening the ends with every larger section until I reached the crown and all of her hair had foil tips on the ends. 

Once I finished, I went back to the bottom section at her nape, opened up the foils and brushed the lighter upward another inch and a half using a painting motion to blend the lightener into the hair. This is avoid a harsh exaggerated horizontal line across the hair. I re-wrapped the entire lightened tip back into the foils and I continued to do this for all the foils until I finished the bottom section. I continued upward, section by section, repeating to brush the lightener up and re-wrapping the foils higher and closer to her scalp than the first time.

Once I finished applying the lightener to the ends of her hair, I wanted to enrich her base colour so I applied a level 5 chocolate brown colour to her roots, in sections, and then applied it all the way down the hair shaft until it reached the foiled tip. I really wanted to make sure that I had gotten rid of the ashy parts of her hair and make her a warmer, cozier colour base.

After she was done processing, about half an hour, I washed out her hair, rinsing the base colour first before taking the foils out. This makes sure there's no colour 'bleeding'. After the first shampoo, I applied a toner to her lightened ends to take out any brassy colour and to even it all out, that only took about 5-7 minutes to process. Shampoo, conditioner and now she's ready for a cut.

I wanted to bring her up a couple inches to make her thinner hair appear and feel thicker, and because she has naturally curly hair I knew she needed layers - to avoid that lampshade silhouette that curly hair can have. I gave her long layers and cut off about 2 inches initially in a 'V' shape before putting in layers. She wanted what I call 'Doll Bangs', so I gave her some bangs to frame her face and I think it made her look so youthful and fun!

After cutting was done, I gave her a nice blow dry and styled her hair in big curls/waves to really show off the ombré. And voila! She was one happy customer and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the outcome! I think the combination of a young, trendy colour style with her bangs makes her look at least 5 years younger. The miracles of hair and beauty, right?

What do you think? Do you like how it turned out? Is there something different your would have done? Do you like ombré colour style or feel like you're over it already? I'm curious to know, so tell me in the comments box below! I was thinking of doing a tutorial on how to do ombré on others and yourself, if that's something you would like to see leave me a comment or email me at to let me know!

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Case closed! ;)


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  1. So thrilled with the amazing job you did! Stoked to have found such an amazing hair and makeup artist. <3