Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

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There's no way(in HELL ;) :[ :[ :[ ) that I could not celebrate and honour my favourite Holiday with it's very own post! Halloween is the major reason that I love Fall/Autumn so much and I always look forward to it every year. Just something about the air at this time of year, around this Holiday that gets me excited and want to do festive things.

Of course, the festivities don't start until we have carved this years jack-o-lanterns! Every year I try to push myself harder and go bigger with my jack-o-lanterns, and this year I kept to tradition by carving one scary jack-o-lantern and one creative design. We decided that I would carve a scary jack-o-lantern (as scary as I could create) and my partner would carve the other pumpkin as the 'Death Star' from 'Star Wars'.

For my pumpkin, I just carved it traditionally - gut the pumpkin, hallow out the inside and scrap the walls, and cut out the design. I drew out a couple of designs and this was the spookiest one that I could come up with (it looked much scarier on paper than on pumpkin, but I think I captured the essence of scary lol). I named him 'Razorteeth Rick'.

For the 'Death Star' pumpkin, we gut the pumpkin as usual, but there wasn't much scraping needed because the technique is not to cut out the lines, but to carve them out. This keeps everything intact or else you would have a checkerboard pumpkin. We used chopsticks to carve out the lines horizontally first and the vertically, but used spoons to carve out the circle first. This took about 4 hours from start to finish, but quite the accomplishment!!

Love how they both turned out and I am already thinking about next years pumpkins!

We decorated out house again this year with spiderwebs, skeletons and tombstones. We added a little bit more this year to our Halloween decor (which makes my little black heart happy). Here's how it looked on (a gloomy and wet) Halloween Day.

This year I had to work most of Halloween, but lucky for me that I have to dress up for work! This years theme at work was 'Dead Dolls', not my vote but still lots of fun to do! I couldn't believe the designs and art that everyone came up with, it was all so good! I had lots of fun creating this 'Cracked Doll' makeup and I was surprised that it came out so well without having to white out my entire face. I only used a white pencil as my base all around my eye and to coat my bottom lid and waterline. I still wanted it to be pretty and I loved playing with false lashes this way! So fun! What do you think about my rendition of this classic Halloween 'Cracked Doll' makeup? Be nice - no tricks! It was my first time and these pictures are after it was already 9hrs+ old ;)!

By the time I had come home from work, we had just given out our last piece of candy. But at least I came home to a pack of wolves, some blood(wine) and a few scary movies to finish the days festivities. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way :[ !

Do you love or hate Halloween? How do you celebrate and what are some of the ways that you are festive today? I would love to know in the comments box below, or email me at and I might even try some of your suggestions next year! What did you think about my Halloween makeup? Did you like the 'Dead Doll' makeup? What were you for Halloween this year? I would love to know and tag me on Instagram #makeupmasochist so I can see and don't forget to follow (@fernonje), if you dare!! :[

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Happy Halloween!!


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