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Maven Manicure: My Julep October Box

Hi dolls,

I've just noticed that my last two posts are looking funny live (if you can see them at all!), and I am currently trying to fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll have them up and fully functional by today hopefully, because I have some new posts to share!

Well October is just flying by now isn't it?

I got my Julep Maven box a little while ago, sorry for not being able to post about it sooner. Halloween is approaching and its one of the busiest times of year for us MUA's. I'll be doing my best to keep up with posts until then, hopefully all will be back to normal once Halloween is over!

The reason I chose the 'Classic with a Twist' box (again!) this month is because I really love the blood-red colour that comes with it. Honestly I wasn't too impressed with this months selection, I thought they would do more of a Halloween theme. I was expecting dark Halloween colours with maybe some black glitter coats or come crackle top coats... but not so much. This blood-red colour was the closest 'Halloween-y' colour I found within the choices, so that's why I chose this box.

This month, Mavens got to receive Julep's double ended Eye-Kohl Pencil with their Maven nail colours. There was also a Volcanic Ash Mask available with the Beauty Box, but no nail colours are in that choice - just beauty products (I added on the mask to review it up against MAC's 'Volcanic Ash Exfoliator', stay tuned for a review on that soon!). I am actually looking forward to using and testing the Eye-Kohl Pencil, I have been on an eyeliner binge lately and most recently have been turned on to brown eyeliner. I will be doing a review of this lovely as well once I am able to give both colours a good try.

Besides the beauty pencil, this month I received an olive-griege nail laquer ('Winona') along with the blood-red colour ('Anisa'), and I also choose to add on a colour from the 'Bombshell' box - 'Valerie'. It was hard to choose from the 'Bombshell' box and 'Classic with a Twist' box because I love this teal colour! It's super pretty with gold shimmer! Super excited to try this classic fall colour!

I decided to use the red for this months manicure with no accent nail, this time. The reason I chose to use this colour first, because as mentioned, its the perfect blood red and Halloween is coming up. Blood, Halloween, nails... it just made sense. But as a little side note, I have to say I am a little disappointed in the formula for this colour, because after 1 full day of wear there was noticeable edge wear showing and by the next day I had full chips. This is surprising as Julep nail colours usually last me a couple days before showing signs of wear and chipping. :(.

Let's get into the manicure, shall we!

First, I always start by making sure my nails are well groomed and scrubbed clean of debris before applying Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) to the skin around my nail beds. This helps me colour in the lines and makes clean up easier and faster later. Although, another side note, this red colour did stain my skin and was surprisingly difficult to remove off the skin even with the Vaseline.

I start with the first coat...

and apply a second...

I felt that a third coat wasn't needed as the colour applied pretty evenly and was opaque with two coats. Usually two coats with Julep nail colours is enough, and this was true of this colour. I decided not to apply a top coat, because I didn't want my blood red nails to be too glossy or shiny. This could have been one of the reasons the nail colour chipped so early on me. If you're trying this nail colour for this first time and need it to stay, don't skip the top coat. It may be what makes this colour last on the nail. I will be using a top coat next time I use this colour, for sure.

and voila!

Just simple, easy, perfect for Fall or Halloween - blood red nails. I love that I kept it nice and simple this month and painted all my nails this colour. It's been a while since I've had my nails be all nice and uniform with one colour. What did you think of October's Maven choices? What did you chose this month? Are you loving your Maven selections? Not so much? I would love to hear all your thoughts and what you think of this months Maven Box and manicure, in the comments box below! You can also email me your opinions and suggestions to !

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For more information on Julep and thier Maven Subscription program, please click the link below:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween Everyone!!



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