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Sephora Haul! - Fall 2013 Edition

Hello my beauty-holics!

We girls love our makeup and beauty products. We also love to be nosy! I love getting to know what beauty products friends and colleagues love to use, use everyday, not love so much and what's in their makeup bags and collections! Admit it, if you love makeup - you love snooping in your frinds makeup bags to see what goodies you find or what's in the big shopping bag in their backseat! It's ok, it's human makeup junkie nature.

I love to shop at Sephora and I especially like to shop online, I find that I receive way more samples and there are tons of promotional codes to apply to get free goodies or discounts. I usually buy every 3 months or so, especially if I am replenishing products that I use most frequently. Here's what I got from my most recent shopping trip on

 Wen 'Sweet Almond Mint' Healthy Hair Care Kit (3pc): I cannot tell you how long and how bad I have been wanting to try Wen after seeing the informercial so many times on TV. The reason I have waited so long is because I had quite the stock of shampoo and needed to get through those first! When I was about half way through my last bottle of shampoo, I got online and ordered the 3 piece kit to start. This comes with the 'Cleansing Conditioner', the 'Replenishing Treatment Mist' and the 'Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment' - everything you need to have healthy, beautiful hair. I'm so excited to try this and will do a full review of the system, I'm LOVING the scent so far!

Hello Kitty by Sephora 'Minty' Nail Polish: If you know me, you know I love Hello Kitty with a crazy, childlike passion. So when I saw that they restocked in this colour AND it was on sale - I couldn't leave it in my basket. I like that this polish dried more on the green side as other polishes I have that are similar but more on the blue side. Love this colour of spring, stashing it away until then!

Urban Decay b6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray: I have heard such great things about this spray especially in how it helps reduce the appearance of pore size - which always interests me. This is described on the box as "Redness Reducing. Pore Minimizing. Oil Absorbing." - all things I want to hear about a prep spray! The vitamins in the product are not only supposed to prep the skin before makeup application but also improve skins overall appearance. I'm super excited to try this out, review for this will be posted once I give it a good trial run.

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Face Cleanser & Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer: I had spoken about FAB's Face Cleanser a few times before (here & here), and have been in love with this product from the first time I used it. It's great because it controls my acne without drying out or irritating my skin. Finding products for acne prone - sensitive skin can be tough, but since I loved the Face Cleanser so much I had the confidence to buy the moisturizer too. I had recently ran out of my day moisturizer and wasn't planning to repurchase, so I replaced it with the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer hoping it would work just as well (or better!) than the Face Cleanser. I will be doing a review of this as well, lots of reviews to look forward to in the future!

Hello Kitty by Sephora Pen Pal Eyeliner in 'Chocolate Milk': Again, I mostly bought this because it's Hello Kitty and because it was on sale, but I also bought it because it's an eyeliner pen (I love eyeliner pen styles, see a review of one of my favourites here). It's a nice dark brown colour, which I don't have in my collection, especially not in the felt pen type. You guessed it!- a review will be posted on this too!! :):)

That's it for the products I actually purchased. If you're a frequent shopper at Sephora, you probably already know about their Beauty Insider rewards program. It's basically a rewards program where you accumulate points by making purchases and those points can be redeemed for deluxe sample products. Another great tip to get some free goodies when shipping online at Sephora is to Google 'Sephora Promotion Codes' and a list will come up of a bunch of different codes that you can apply to your purchase. You can only apply one code at a time, and some do expire so make sure the one you want is valid. Sephora always offers 3 free samples with purchase online, so that's also a great way to try out some products before buying the full size.

Here are the free babies I got with this purchase.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Repair Eye Seurm: I had got this goodie for free by redeeming 100 Beauty Insider points with their Beauty Insider Program. I've never been able to get around to getting my hands on anything from this brand and I always wanted to, so I am happy to try this deluxe sample. But I'm really dying to try their highlighting and illuminating powders.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation in 'Medium-Neutral': To get this baby for free, it took a little more research! As I mentioned before, Sephora online always has a lot of promotional codes out there in internet world - you just have to search for them. I found a great promo code, (it's unfortunately expired on Sept 30) and got this cute little Tarte Foundation. I've always liked to Tarte and really enjoy their Maracuja Oil (to see my review of the Oil product, click here), so I'm looking forward to seeing how this works for me!

Armani Code, Miss Dior & Marchesa Eau de Parfum and de Toilette: The other really big perk about shopping online at Sephora, besides the coupon codes, are the 3 free samples that always come with your order. They usually have a good mix of perfumes, makeup, hair and skincare product samples, but since I am still on the search for my new signature scent I chose these three. When it comes to scents I really have to wear the scent for a couple days or so to see how much I really love (or hate!) a perfume/fragrance. It's happened plenty a time where I think I like a scent on me, wear it for a full day or two and then end up HATING it! I can be pretty sensitive to perfumes, so I am also very picky about them. I'll keep you updated if any of these end up being my new signature scent!

Bottom of the box.

So that's it lovelies, everything that I got from my recent Sephora haul, some new stuff, some repurchases. Lots to try! If you're interested in a review on any of the products I've listed make sure to let me know by email or in the comments box below! Do you have and use any of the products I bought? What do you love most about them? Do you have any tips and tricks? I would love to know!

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Happy Weekend!


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