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September Favourites!

Hi Dolls,

I know this is late, to be honest I almost forgot to post this because I'm excited to post other things. But, there's no way I could not post my favourite's from last month and feel okay about it. Sorry its a little late, but I'm a little OCD about these things.

Last month with the introduction to Fall, along with that came so much fun and opportunity to be had - in both life and beauty. I absolutely love Fall, even though I am always super-reluctant to let go of Summer, I love Fall colours, how the Fall changes the scenery around us and most of all - the Fall Holidays! Fall is always like a new start for me, new things are always afoot and I wanted to give myself a good head start and introduction to Fall (and maybe a little boost to get my Fall Bucket List done - To read my list, click here). September, I felt was a fabulous way to do just that!

Here's what I loved most in September:

A little tidbit about me that you might not know of -  I LOVE the Wizard of OZ and anything related to it (ie. books, movies, TV shows, theatre, etc). Since the last week of September marked the 75th Anniversary of the movie production, I thought it only wise to pay tribute with this cute manicure. I used this Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish to achieve this Ruby Red Slipper inspired look with a cute yellow brick road detail (for the complete tutorial, click here). I had so much fun with this manicure, can't wait to do it again! Hmm, costume ideas! ;)

Another manicure that I absolutely loved was my Maven Manicure this past month, I felt with the help of this gorgeous dark plum colour it helped me get back in touch with my dark side! That's another thing I love about this season, you cant help but feel kinda creepy-vampy-sexy in a way, and dark colours definitely do that for me! Such a rich, dark colour that kicked me into Fall mode, which I needed to be honest (for the full September review and manicure tutorial, click here). Excited to keep up with my new found darkness, I can't wait for my October box!!

Speaking of beauty subscriptions, last month I had signed up with a new type of beauty subscription and got to share my first bag of goodies with my readers! I signed up to Ipsy's Glam Bag subscription that, like Julep's Maven program, sends out a box/bag of goodies for you to try and love (to see my first Glam Bag from Ipsy, click here). I love this new program and the community on the site! Come find me, I'm MakeupMasochist, of course!

One of the items I was really excited to get with my Ipsy Glam Bag, was Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen. I had heard such great things about this brand and since I love this type of eyeliner, I knew I had to do a review for my lovelies (to read my full review of this product, click here). If anyone reading this loves eyeliner pens, than you definitely need to read my review on it and try it for yourself. I'll make sure to leave links at the bottom of this page for more information and don't forget to leave me what you thought of this eyeliner in the comments box below! It's a staple in my collection now and for all my makeup looks, I looove it!

My favorite makeup pieces that I used last month were definitely the pieces I purchased from MAC's 'Indulge' Limited Edition Collection (to see my Indulge haul and swatches, click here), and I had posted one of my favourite ways to wear my babies from this collection. There were so many pieces from this collection to work with and so many looks that could be done, but I'm a sucker for purples and gold together, and this look was on rotation most often (to see my full look and read the tutorial, click here). MAC's 'Feed the Senses' Lipstick is still one of my everyday favourites and I deeply regret not getting backups of this colour. So pretty to wear with any makeup look! <3_<3! Did you love this look? I think its perfect for Fall!

I decided that this month, I would skip out on some of the collections that MAC put out there, since most of what was introduced is permanent now anyway. Their 'Retro Matte' Lipsticks, Pro Longwear Eyeliners, Paintpots and Lipliners, are all AMAZING and GORGEOUS, but since their permanent now, I figured I would take my time to collect what I really want (and save my money for some upcoming huge LE collections that I'm dying for! ;)).

Since I was missing a Limited Edition Collection from MAC and showing my readers some makeup porn from my hauls, I thought a good way to fill the void was to go shopping at an exclusive MAC/Estee Lauder/Clinque Sale. Every 3 months, Estee Lauder and all the brands under their umbrella, hold a sale here in the east end of Toronto. This is a 'by-invitation only' event and I was lucky enough to get my paws on some tickets to go. I got some great beauty and hair products (that I am currently reviewing for future 'Rant or Rave?' posts), but my favourite items that I purchased from that sale were my MAC brushes (to read my haul, click here). I bought the '205' & '184' Fan brushes, these were my biggest scores of the sale! I love my new brushes and these babies have found a special place in my kit!

My favourite moment and day in September was when my new nephew Marcus was born. September 4th, 2 days before he was due, he came into this world and has brought such love into our family. It was instant love that was more than we could have ever imagined it to be. We love you so much my little guy!

Those are my favourite things of this past September, and I think October had quite a month to follow! Lots of fun ways to get into the mood of the new season, how did you do it? What traditions or ways do you get into the Fall spirit? I would love to hear in the comments box below or send me your suggestions by email at ! Don't forget to let me know what reviews you want to see first from the new items in my September posts, I'll have those up soon!

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