Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nails of the Week: Pretty in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Humpday dolls!

Since October is 'National Breast Cancer Awareness Month', I see it only fitting to do a manicure to honour and bring awareness of this disease that affects so many. I have been lucky enough to not experience the big C, as well as my family members, but I have friends that have been diagnosed with this condition and fought it into remission - thank goodness! They are definitely some of the luckier ones and they know it as well. In honour of those lucky and unlucky, I created this manicure to bring awareness and promote prevention of this awful disease.

Not only is pink the official colour for Breast Cancer Awareness, it has also been the 'It' colour of the season. I love wearing pink on my nails, it's one of my favourite colours to sport when I'm feeling girly. Naturally, this manicure was a labour of love. I grabbed my two favourite pinks - OPI 'It's A Girl' & MAC 'Comic Cutie' (Archie's Girls LE Collection) and these new nail art brushes that I picked up from my local beauty supply. These brushes are a great deal and come in super handy for nail art! Here are the steps to how I created this nail art:

I started with clean, groomed nails and cuticles. after washing my hands and making sure they were dry, I applied petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to the skin around my nail beds. I find that his helps me "colour inside the lines" and makes any oopsies easy to clean later.

I applied my first coat of OPI 'It's A Girl' polish...

And a second...

And a third.

This polish can be pretty sheer, so 3 coats or more are needed to ensure a streak free and opaque application. I made sure to let each coat dry before applying the next one and once I finished, I let it completely dry for almost an hour before doing anything.

Once my base colour was nice and dry, I grabbed my 'Comic Cutie' polish and one of my new nail art brushes to paint on the ribbon. I chose a thinner and longer nail art brush, I wanted the bristles to be more pliable to paint a smooth loop for the ribbon.

In small strokes I painted the shape of the ribbon on my ring finger.

Once that dried a bit, I applied more polish to the ribbon, giving it a second coat of colour to even it out and correct the shape. Finishing touch was a coat of clear top coat to seal it all in, and...


What do you think? I think this is a cute and pretty way to bring awareness to something that's sooo not cute and pretty. I love pink nails and nail art, and have been looking forward to this manicure since August lol. Tell me what you think in the comments box below! Do you have a way that you like to bring awareness to this disease or any other illness? I would love to know how you show your support, tell me in the comments box below or email me at !

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For anyone that has had his awful illness or had someone close suffer from this, God bless you. For the lucky ones, - you go girl! Lets all show our support to the brave women and their families and bring as much awareness as we can this month! And don't forget self examination and early diagnosis is key to a high survival rate. I encourage you and hope you encourage other women to self examine often and schedule mammograms as required. Such easy steps to save your life and others.

To learn more about how you can bring awareness or donate to the cause, please visit the link below:

F*ck cancer!


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